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HackFwd invests $250k in Filmaster

Filmaster, a Warsaw based movie check-in and discovery service, has just received some early stage funding from HackFwd. The European pre-seed fund invested 191.000 Euro (about $250.000) into the Polish startup – with a valuation of 636.000 Euro (around $1m).

Filmaster aims to provide its users with the best and personalized movie suggestions in their area – thanks to a powerful social recommendation engine for theaters/TV. Filmaster users can check-in to screenings and interact with friends and film lovers in their area.

The iPhone app premiered at SXSW Interactive in March 2011 where Filmaster took part in the AppCircus competition for world’s best mobile apps. During the beta period, almost 10,000 users have registered and left over 20,000 movie reviews.

Filmaster was founded in 2010 by Borys Musielak, Paweł Czerski and Jakub Tlałka. The next steps for the Warsaw based startup will be an update to the Filmaster iPhone app (with a TV recommendations feature) and the launch of the Filmaster app for Android.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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