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15 Top Farming Startups and Companies in Italy (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Farming companies based in Italy. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating their industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Farming Startups and Companies in Italy

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

xFarm – xFarm Technologies focuses on the digitisation of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools for farmers and stakeholders. It offers apps for farm management, connected sensors, support in Digital Transformation projects, algorithms applied to agriculture and training activities.

Elaisian – Elaisian is a precision farming service that focuses on the preservation of olive trees,  vineyards and almond trees. Through a system of algorithms based on a database of agronomic studies, the company is able to prevent diseases and to optimise cultivation processes such as irrigation and fertilization.

Sfera Agricola – Sfera, an agritech company that aims to building large, highly technological greenhouses for the production of vegetables grown with hydroponic methods. Sfera combines hydroponic technology with the best management practices to control all key factors and to obtain efficient and eco-sustainable production.

Farm4Trade – Farm4Trade empowers breeders, public and private institutions operating in the livestock sector, by offering technological solutions to elevate productivity practices. They aim to make the farmer’s job easier and simpler, while enhancing the quality and value of livestock.

3Bee3Bee – 3Bee develops technologies in the field of hive monitoring, prevention, and care. They specialise in the development of sensors, analysis tools, and regenerative activities that help preserve and promote biodiversity, aiming to create a world where technology and nature work in harmony.

Hexagro – Hexagro Urban Farming develops modular, scalable and automated vertical gardens to grow healthy food into any interior. They envision a future where anybody, anywhere will access healthy food. Hexagro has been recognized for its Circular Economy approach by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Wallfarm – WallFarm manufactures LIA, a control unit that enables plants to grow by themselves. This small automation box takes 2 minutes to plug in and push play, collecting data on air temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude and over water temperature, PH and Ec as well as lighting hours, irrigation and water oxygenation.

La Sanfermese SpA – La Sanfermese helps increase grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage. During the storage period, La Sanfermese uses a refrigeration technology that guarantees a storage temperature of less than 18°C.

Fieni Srl – Fieni Srl works in the agricultural spray field, fan units for agricultural sprayers, and other agricultural relations. The creativity that characterises Fieni can be seen in the launch of new products but also in the constant research and development that step aside the daily production.

Planet-FarmsPlanet Farms – Planet Farms is a leading vertical farming company, founded in 2018 in Milan, that has developed a vertical cultivation system unique in the world, allowing the perfect harmonisation of all the fundamental parameters for cultivating rich in taste and highly nutritious greens.

BLUETENTACLES – BLUETENTACLES has an ecological impact in terms of water-­waste and energy­-waste reduction in the agriculture sector. Their solution increases water availability by means of a better management of water resources, contributing in the reduction of the water scarcity problems.

Agrorobotica – Agrorobotica develops precision agriculture and farming management systems designed for monitoring parasitic insects. They provide offer pest traps to be installed in the field that can photograph, recognise and count harmful insects and transmit the results obtained in real-time via smartphone and website.

Cereal Docks – Cereal Docks is an Italian based company that operates as primary processor in the food supply chain. CD Group process oil seed and grains into feed and food grade ingredients such as meals, vegetable oils and lecithins.

Aigritec – Aigritec uses artificial intelligence and robotics to transform crop management into an efficient and sustainable process. Their machines are capable of maximising efficiency for the most demanding crop management tasks; the reusability factor of their machines also leads to efficient, cheap and sustainable solutions, all year round.

Horta – Hort@ provides highly-specialised services to the agricultural and agri-industrial sectors to increase their competitiveness and sustainability, while guaranteeing and enhancing food safety. They develop decision-support systems for the sustainable management of crops based on information and communication technologies.

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