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66 Top Agriculture Startups and Companies in Italy (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Agriculture companies in Italy. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Agriculture industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Agriculture Startups in Italy 

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

xFarm: is a cutting-edge SaaS platform meticulously crafted to empower farms by streamlining the process of digitalization. By offering simplified data collection and in-depth analysis tools, the farm is at the forefront of modernizing agriculture, making farm management more efficient and data-driven.

FAO: The Food and Agriculture Organization stands as a prominent specialized agency within the United Nations, at the forefront of global endeavors to combat hunger. Through its international leadership, FAO tirelessly strives to eliminate hunger and promote sustainable agriculture.

Aquafil S.p.A.: specializes in the production of Nylon6, demonstrating a commitment to high-quality materials and innovation in the field. With a focus on advanced materials, Aquafil plays a pivotal role in various industries that rely on Nylon6 for its versatile applications.

Elaisian: represents an innovative precision farming system meticulously designed to proactively prevent diseases in olive groves and vineyards. Employing cutting-edge technology, Elaisian ensures the health and productivity of these critical agricultural resources, fostering sustainable farming practices.

Sfera Agricola: emerges as a dynamic agritech company, dedicated to the ambitious goal of constructing substantial advancements in the agricultural sector. Through innovative solutions and technological prowess, Sfera Agricola is poised to shape the future of farming and agribusiness.

Farm4Trade: is at the forefront of agricultural technology, offering comprehensive solutions to enhance productivity in the livestock sector. Through the integration of technology and data-driven insights, Farm4Trade empowers livestock farmers with tools to optimize their operations and improve animal welfare.

3Bee: is a pioneering force in the field of hive monitoring, prevention, and care. By developing cutting-edge technologies, 3Bee supports beekeepers in safeguarding the vital role of bees in agriculture and the environment, ultimately ensuring the health of ecosystems.

 FRUITSAPP: is a B2B trading platform catering to the Fresh Produce Industry, connecting fruit and vegetable companies with the most advantageous business partnerships. Their platform streamlines the supply chain, enabling companies to find optimal connections for their specific interests, promoting efficiency and profitability.

Nanomnia: is a groundbreaking nano-biotech startup dedicated to developing innovative nanoparticle-based solutions. These solutions are engineered to facilitate the targeted delivery of specific active compounds, offering potential breakthroughs in various industries, including healthcare and agriculture.

Evja: pioneers the revolution of agriculture by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Agronomic Models. This synergy empowers farmers with unprecedented insights and decision-making capabilities, leading to sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Revotree: harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict soil moisture levels. This innovative system not only conserves water but also aids farmers in making informed decisions and optimizing their agricultural operations.

Wallfarm: is the creator of LIA, a sophisticated control unit that enables plants to grow autonomously. By leveraging this technology, WallFarm is spearheading advancements in urban and indoor agriculture, promoting sustainable and efficient plant cultivation.

Areté: is a versatile market intelligence and strategic consultancy platform, that provides businesses with invaluable insights and strategies. With its comprehensive approach to market analysis, Areté empowers organizations to make informed decisions, fostering growth and success.

Sicuro Food: embodies innovation, transparency, safety, and quality in its operations. As a company deeply committed to these principles, it contributes to raising industry standards and ensuring the integrity of food products.

YouFarmer: represents a pioneering Co-Farming Company, that fosters collaboration among farmers to optimize agricultural practices. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, YouFarmer aims to promote sustainability and profitability in farming communities.

Eco-Logic Green Farm: At the core of Eco-Logic Green Farm lies a transformative agricultural culture, emphasizing the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their concept of the GREEN FARM strives to revolutionize agriculture and promote a harmonious relationship between farming and nature.

New Gluten World: New Gluten World is dedicated to providing a revolutionary, safe, and cost-effective industrial process for gluten detoxification in cereals. Their innovative approach ensures the production of gluten-free products that cater to a growing demand for dietary alternatives.

Repossi Macchine Agricole: The company offers an extensive range of specialized agricultural products and services, characterized by a high degree of specialization and expertise. With a focus on innovation, they contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of modern farming practices.

ForEnergy Spa: is committed to maximizing the utilization of biomass from agricultural and forest sources as a renewable energy source. Their efforts are directed towards enhancing sustainability and reducing dependence on non-renewable energy.

La Sanfermese SpA: plays a pivotal role in increasing grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage. Their innovative approach ensures that stored grains remain of high quality, meeting the demands of the agricultural and food industries.

Methodo Chemicals: specializes in the trading of feed materials and additives designed to enhance livestock nutrition. With a commitment to improving the feed industry, the company provides high-quality solutions to optimize animal health and productivity, ensuring the efficient growth of livestock worldwide.

Agricolus: is dedicated to simplifying precision farming for farmers globally, offering accessible tech tools that enable growers to boost production while minimizing resource wastage. Their innovative solutions empower farmers with data-driven insights, ultimately leading to more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

Valagro: based in Italy, is a renowned producer of biostimulants and specialty nutrients that play a vital role in enhancing crop health and yield. With a focus on cutting-edge agricultural solutions, Valagro contributes to the success of farmers by providing effective and sustainable products.

Imperial Europe Srl: excels in developing innovative insect repellents derived from plant extracts, including their highly effective ScappaTopo product. Their dedication to eco-friendly pest control solutions benefits agriculture, safeguarding crops while minimizing environmental impact.

Fieni Srl: operates within the agricultural spray sector, manufacturing fan units for agricultural sprayers and engaging in various agricultural-related endeavors. Their expertise supports the efficient and precise application of agrochemicals, contributing to the effectiveness of crop protection and management.

Refa Med Srl: specializes in fish farming technology, providing cage systems and equipment to promote sustainable aquaculture practices. Their solutions enhance the production and management of aquatic resources, supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry.

Agri 2000: is a versatile company offering agricultural services and conducting research to advance agricultural knowledge and practices. With a multifaceted approach, they contribute to the development and sustainability of the agricultural sector.

BIOLCHIM S.p.A.: is a leading player in the production and distribution of biostimulants, fostering improved crop growth and quality. Their commitment to agricultural innovation enhances agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Bee ethic: Bee ethic’s patented system addresses environmental and agricultural challenges, positioning them as innovators in the agricultural industry. Their solutions contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, emphasizing the importance of ethical and responsible agriculture.

IRRILAND SRL: specializes in the design, manufacturing, and support of automatic irrigators, booms, pivot systems, and separators. Their irrigation solutions optimize water usage and distribution, increasing the efficiency of irrigation practices in agriculture.

EZ Lab: founded in 2014, focuses on Smart Agri-food solutions, leveraging technology to enhance farming practices. Their innovative approach supports data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient and sustainable agricultural operations.

BLUETENTACLES: offers a comprehensive precision irrigation solution based on IoT and AI technologies. Their cutting-edge approach revitalizes existing irrigation systems, ensuring precise and efficient water management for agricultural purposes.

Eugea: promotes the integration of green spaces within urban environments, emphasizing the importance of nature in urban planning. Their initiatives create a harmonious balance between urban development and natural ecosystems, benefiting both residents and the environment.

Renience: is an Italian company at the forefront of eco-sustainable development and green technology. Their commitment to sustainable practices and green technology solutions contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Landlab: serves as a physical and virtual hub for research projects, fostering collaboration and innovation in various fields of study and exploration. It provides a dynamic environment where researchers from diverse disciplines can come together, exchange ideas, and work on projects that advance knowledge and drive scientific progress.

Cynomys: is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that benefit farmers, animals, and the environment on a large scale, promoting sustainable and ethical agriculture. Their mission is to create win-win solutions that not only improve agricultural practices but also contribute to the well-being of animals and the preservation of the environment.

Comecer: specializes in developing screening systems and equipment for special applications, prioritizing precision and safety in the healthcare industry. Their cutting-edge solutions enhance the accuracy of medical procedures while ensuring the safety of both technicians and patients, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes.

NutriBees: focuses on personalized healthy food solutions, catering to individual nutritional needs and promoting overall well-being. They offer a wide range of customized dietary options to address specific health goals, making it easier for individuals to make informed and healthy food choices.

Suba Seeds: is a producer, packer, and distributor of specialty vegetable seeds, serving both professional and hobbyist garden markets with high-quality varieties. Their commitment to providing exceptional seeds enables growers to cultivate unique and premium crops, enhancing the diversity and quality of produce available in the market.

BTS biogas Srl/GmbH: is at the forefront of anaerobic digestion, renewable energy production, and organic fertilizer manufacturing, contributing to sustainable agriculture and energy generation. They harness the power of organic waste to produce clean energy and valuable fertilizers.

Dino Paladin Advanced Biotechnologies: specializes in research across various biotechnological, environmental, food, biotoxicological, and materials-related domains. Their multidisciplinary approach to scientific research drives innovation and fosters breakthroughs that benefit society and the environment.

Corn Valley Srl: is dedicated to the production of cereal breakfast foods and related preparations, providing a diverse range of nutritious options. Their commitment to quality and nutritional value ensures that consumers have access to wholesome and convenient breakfast choices that support a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamina: Offers personalized food supplements tailored to individual dietary needs and health goals. Their customized approach to nutritional supplementation ensures that individuals receive the specific nutrients they require, promoting overall health and well-being.

Carraro SpA: primarily engages in the manufacturing and marketing of drive systems, contributing to various industries with innovative solutions. Their drive systems play a crucial role in various applications, from automotive to agricultural machinery, enhancing the efficiency and performance of mechanical systems.

Virosac: is a producer of waste bags and frozen bags, offering eco-friendly solutions for waste management. Their commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices aligns with the growing global need to reduce plastic waste and promote responsible waste disposal.

Isagro: is a multifaceted Italian company actively involved in research, development, and production, focusing on improving various aspects of agriculture. Their dedication to advancing agricultural practices and addressing agricultural challenges contributes to the sustainability and productivity of the agricultural sector.

Agrorobotica: is a farming company specializing in agriculture and farming management, leveraging advanced agricultural approaches and technologies. Their innovative solutions empower farmers to optimize crop production and resource utilization, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture.

NIDO: specializes in hydroponics and vertical farming automation, incorporating IoT and cloud technologies for efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. Their cutting-edge solutions enable urban and indoor farming, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a consistent supply of fresh produce.

MITIM S.r.l: is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company located in Brescia, Northern Italy, providing specialized pharmaceutical solutions. Their expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing supports the development and production of critical medications, contributing to healthcare and pharmaceutical advancements.

Spireat: is an innovative startup dedicated to offering practical solutions in the field of agriculture, contributing to sustainable farming practices. Through their innovative approaches, they address challenges in agriculture and promote more efficient and environmentally friendly farming methods.

Agricoltura 2.0: is a project aimed at raising the standards of quality and agricultural production, introducing new and improved practices into agriculture. Their commitment to advancing agricultural practices contributes to food security and the sustainability of farming.

Cereal Docks: The group operates as a leading European agribusiness and food ingredients company, contributing to the European food industry. Their extensive involvement in agribusiness supports the production and distribution of essential food ingredients, ensuring a reliable and efficient food supply chain.

European Food Safety Authority: is a European agency funded by the European Union, responsible for ensuring the safety of food and feed. EFSA plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health by conducting risk assessments and providing scientific advice on food safety.

ILSA S.p.A.: The specializes in environment-oriented agriculture, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of ecosystems.

Binacchi SRL: is a driveshaft shop in Italy, offering cardan shafts for agricultural machinery and equipment. Their products support the efficient operation of agricultural machinery, ensuring the reliability and performance of agricultural equipment.

Aigritec: Aigritec leverages artificial intelligence to power advanced agricultural robots, revolutionizing modern farming practices. Their innovative approach to agriculture enhances efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the agricultural industry.

Ecopol: is a provider of water-soluble film technology, offering environmentally friendly solutions for various applications, including packaging and pool treatment. Their water-soluble film technology is a sustainable alternative that reduces waste and environmental impact.

W.O.L.F: is a biotechnology company focused on harnessing the potential of living organisms, such as bacteria, to develop innovative products and solutions. Their biotechnological advancements have the potential to revolutionize various industries, from healthcare to agriculture.

Tecnidro: They specialize in the development and marketing of a complete range of irrigation valves and accessories, enhancing irrigation efficiency. Their irrigation solutions contribute to optimized water management in agriculture, conserving this precious resource.

Diptera Nutrition: The manufactures sustainable insect-derived animal feed ingredients, contributing to environmentally friendly animal agriculture. Their innovative approach to animal nutrition supports sustainable and ethical animal farming practices.

CIBILIA – Authentic Food Makers: operates as a quality food and drink marketplace, connecting consumers with authentic and high-quality food products. Their platform promotes transparency in the food supply chain and supports small-scale producers.

Arterra Bioscience: is a biotech firm that exploits the potential of living organisms, including bacteria, to develop innovative products and solutions. Their biotechnological advancements have the potential to address various challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and beyond.

Virginia Eagle Distributing Co.: They offer a range of non-alcoholic products in the food and beverage industry. Their diverse product offerings cater to consumer preferences and contribute to a wide range of beverage choices.

Horta: The develops a decision support system platform designed to provide a sustainable crop management system, optimizing agricultural practices. Their platform empowers farmers with data-driven insights, leading to more efficient and sustainable crop production.

Gesag: The provides customized software solutions for monitoring and product traceability in the agricultural sector, enhancing agricultural management. Their software solutions promote transparency and efficiency in agricultural operations.

B.F: is an agricultural company capable of managing consumer-oriented company productions and generating value through agricultural distribution. Their expertise in agricultural distribution supports the efficient flow of agricultural products to consumers and markets.

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