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83 Top Health Care Startups and Companies in Italy (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Italy based Health Care companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Health Care industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, Innovative route to market, Innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management and Societal impact

Top Health Care Startups in Italy

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

UALA: Real time beauty salons online booking. UALA is for all people with busy jobs and who want to get their hair cut but they don’t have time to find where to go and then call around. Uala is the largest beauty network in Europe with the best treatment in hundreds of beauty salons in Italy.

DEDALUS GROUP: An Italian healthcare IT systems company. Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world. With its innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions.

BUDDYFIT: Workout with their personal trainer, everywhere. Buddyfit is, obviously, their fitness buddy. They’re on a mission to empower: they want them to feel strong, healthy and at their best by making wellness fun & accessible. Fitness, yoga and mindfulness.

PATCHAI: A cognitive platform embedding an empathetic virtual assistant for patient engagement and real-time data collection. They believe empathy and human-centricity are the energies to fuel the world. They work every day to bring innovation into today’s healthcare systems.

ENTHERA: An Italian biotech company. They develop first-in-class biologics for several underserved autoimmune conditions. Their therapeutic approach aims to preserve and re-establish organ cell function, transforming the treatment paradigm for intractable autoimmune diseases.

MMI: A developer of novel robotic solutions for unmet medical needs for microsurgery. MMI has developed the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. It offers the surgeon motion scaling and tremor elimination.

SKINLABO: The Italian first digital skincare brand. High quality cosmetics affordable for all. Direct-to-consumer skincare brand in Italy. When they founded SkinLabo, at the end of 2016, they had a dream: to make High-Quality Cosmetics Accessible for Everyone.

EPICURA: Active in the major Italian cities by providing health, medical, physiotherapy, veterinary and home care services. One of the main functions performed by epiCura is that of a Carer Search and Selection Agency recognized by the Ministry of Labour.

INNOVHEART: Develops Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement systems. InnovHeart, with locations in Milan, Italy, and Boston, Massachusetts, develops transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) systems to treat patients suffering from mitral valve disease.

GENENTA SCIENCE: Biotechnology company that develops gene transfer therapy for the treatment of cancer tumors. A clinical-stage biotechnology company engaged in the development of a proprietary hematopoietic stem cell therapy for the treatment of a variety of solid tumor cancers.

HEALTHWARE GROUP: Next-generation health consultancy. A full-service agency and innovation consultancy, founded by digital health pioneer Roberto Ascione, providing marketing, advisory, customer engagement and media services, medical communications and education.

PHARMAPRIME: Pharmacy delivery in 40 minutes. PharmaPrime is an italian startup born to facilitate the daily lives of those who live and work in the metropolis. They actually cover Rome, Milan, Bologna and Genoa. This is an online platform that allows access to pharmaceutical.

ERYDEL: Develops technology for drug delivery of pharmacological agents through red blood cells. Multi-asset, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company in Bresso (Milan), Italy dedicated to developing and commercializing novel treatments for rare diseases with high unmet need.

VIRTUOSO: Incentivize and rewards people to live a healthy lifestyle, helping corporates to improve health and the engagement. Help companies improve the engagement and well-being of their employees with measurable solutions and a strong sustainable impact.

REJOINT: Develops Artificial Intelligence driven 3D printed personalized knee replacements, using avant-garde medical technology and AI. Rejoint is a company founded in 2015. Pioneer in new technology and surgical approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

DX MEDICAL SOLUTIONS: Medical Technology Startup. A company that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide immediate diagnosis of specific x-rays. An innovative real-time system, results can be streamed in real time through the hospital PACS.

NEWRONIKA: Restores brain and body functions with innovative technologies. They translate their deep knowledge on biosignal decoding into clinical practice, with the aim of improving treatments, health and wellness. With their revolutionary brain devices, building Brain Computers.

ALTHEIA SCIENCE: Transforming the life of patients with autoimmune diseases throught innovative & curative cell and gene therapies. Pioneering start-up founded by two world renowned Italian scientists, Prof. Alessandra Biffi, MD and Prof. Paolo Fiorina, MD, PhD, together with AurorA-TT.

OMZEY: AI platform for enabling doctors & clinical institutions to diagnose & treat rare genetic diseases in less than 24 hours. OMZEY was born in 2017 from GenomeUp & the dream of three Italian guys. They wanted to directly support everyone who had to deal with patients with rare diseases.

KLISBIO: Silk-fibroin tissue engineering technology platform. Clinical-stage regenerative medicine company. Developing several innovative technology platforms based entirely on natural silk fibroin, which allow for the creation of various solutions for endogenous tissue repair.

INSILICOTRIALS: A web-based platform that uses simulations to design and safely test new products in virtual patients. They are a game-changer in the life sciences sector. Their mission is to hyper-accelerate drug and medical device development leveraging top notch technology like Modeling.

1000FARMACIE: Online Pharmacy and Integrated Healthcare Platform. 1000Farmacie brings thousands of pharmacies online with minimal efforts. Through their technology, they integrate with pharma retailers and allow them to sell online.

MOVENDO TECHNOLOGY: A medical company that designs and produces innovative robotic technologies for rehabilitation. Developed in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Technology, leader in robotics, rehabilitation, nanotechnologies, portable energy, prosthetic and neurosciences.

TEIACARE: An Italian start-up born in 2018 with the aim of transferring technology and innovation knowledge to care homes. They bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to the long-term care sector, so that each care home can do more and do it better.

RESTORATIVE NEUROTECHNOLOGIES: Focusing on the development of medical devices and innovative solutions for rehabilitation. Develops protocols for cognitive well-being. Mindlenses Professional, their flagship product, is a medical device and patient management solution.

ECHOLIGHT: A fledgling biomed company that has developed the very first non-invasive solution for the Early Diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Echolight is an high-tech biomed company, involved in the development of innovative technologies in the medical device arena.

SURGIQ: Real-time assistant supporting healthcare performances. SurgiQ delivers an AI-based software platform supporting private and public hospitals with resource optimization and scheduling automation. Every day we save hours to healthcare workers responsible for planning surgical.

CHINO.IO: A GDPR and HIPAA compliant Backend and Database as a Service for health data and applications. Chino.io helps companies dealing with sensitive data to give the right answers to data protection questions they receive from clients, regulators, and investors.

D-EYE: Provides portable eye and retinal imaging system. The first portable digital ophthalmoscope capable of recording and transmitting high-definition images and video of the fundus oculi. Disrupting retinal screening for medical purpose to improve people’s quality of life.

BRAINCONTROL: A platform based on Artificial Intelligence for human-machine interaction through bio-feedback. Degenerative neuromuscular disease, ischemic or traumatic injury may causes paralysis and communications problems.

BIOTECHWARE: A business venture which conceived a telemedicine integrated platform for remote cardiac monitoring, aimed at pharmacies. Biotechware is Italy’s Top Provider of Cardiology Exams Remote Reporting Services Biotechware provides turn-key telemedicine solutions.

INTENDIME: Improves the life of Deaf & Hard of Hearing people, making them feel more independent, free and safe. Pursuing its mission of “making a world so silent ring”​ through a service which detects, monitors, & notifies the household sounds for people who wish to keep under control.

COMFTECH: Design and produce sensing garments easy to dress and use for continuous non-intrusive monitoring of biomedical parameters. Creates and sells wearable monitoring systems made from cloth. Smart garments enable accurate measurement of a range of physiological parameters.

EULERIA HEALTH: A provider of digital rehabilitation devices and solutions for better recovery of patients. Measurable and motivating rehabilitation, from clinic to home. Biomechanical assessments and reathletization. Help movement professionals to better follow patients.

ANGIODROID: A medical technology company offering an automatic injection system for carbon dioxide angiography. An Italian innovative Company that projects and trades solutions for the medical market. Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography with Angiodroid the CO2 Injector.

CELLPLY: A biomedical company focused on the development of near-patient diagnostic systems. Unravelling immune system function, one cell at a time. A life-science company focused on developing next-generation analytical tools enabling a deep characterization cancer immunotherapies.

ELYSIUM: Secure health data sharing platform for better care, better interoperability and better scientific research. Machine learning data platform for healthcare industry and patients. Aims to become a leading healthcare data analytics provider in the European market by 2026.

FIFTHINGENIUM: A high-tech company that develops and distributes digital products. They aim at providing highly innovative software solutions in many fields, including industry 4.0, education, healthcare, tourism and advertising. By leveraging the technological capabilities of augmented.

MYLAB NUTRITION: The first service in Europe for the creation of customized sport supplements. Owns the T-Rex Integratori, Nutracle, Suprapet and MyLab Nutrition brands. It creates and distributes, through its brand lines, extremely high quality Made in Italy supplements.

ARCAPLANET: Cares about their animals and takes care of them. Arcaplanet is the market leader for the Pet care segment in Italy, it has more than 540 points of sale distributed in 18 regions in addition to the e-commerce channel in the twenty years since its foundation.

DIANAX: Develops and manufactures labs-on-chip aiming to transform protein-based diagnostics. Dianax (Milan, Italy) is an emerging developer, manufacturer and marketer of cost-effective, mobile in-vitro diagnostics devices to be used at the point of need.

METIS PRECISION MEDICINE: A B-Corp founded with the vision of bringing powerful cancer therapies to patients in need. A B-corp founded in April 2017 by the confluence of a handful of scientists, among the leaders of oncogene research, and a group of visionary investors with the mission.

AILEENS PHARMA: A developer of treatments to improve clinical outcomes in patients suffering from dermatological diseases. An Italian biotech company founded in June 2018 which is developing topical non pharmacological and non steroidal treatment for dermatological diseases.

NANO TECH PROJECTS: Researches and develops activities, realizes products, solutions and services in the biotechnology sector. Nano Eye Device Digital Pathology is a tool dedicated to remote diagnostics for observations of histological, cytological, hematological samples.

REACT4LIFE: An innovative start-up, working in the biotech scenario. They provide multi organs on device – MOOD. An Italian biotech company founded in 2016 after more than 15 years of R&D by Silvia Scaglione and Maurizio Aiello, together with a multidisciplinary team of experts.

CO.RA.: Revolutionized and innovated the flow control of powders and granules in the pharmaceutical industry. The company designs and develops valves and accessories to optimise homogeneous production process by applying GMP standards for Pharmaceutical Technology.

NEODATA GROUP: Develops ERP to hospital and Health Plans. They explore different kinds of markets and create tailor-made solutions. Their aim is to help their business grow through innovative custom data projects for multiple types of industries.

IMMAGINA BIOTECHNOLOGY: Trento, Italy-based biotech startup. Empowering Biotech Science by leading Ribosome targeted RNA technologies. Unique and smart enabling technologies to break down walls in complex ribosome profiling and translational studies.

AMYKO: A modular bracelet equipped with NFC technology that can communicate with mobile devices. Amyko is the free news and guides portal that helps them select the best services and news in the technological and streaming fields.

LABOMAR: Produces dietary supplements, diet foods, health products and medical devices. Since 1998 LABOMAR and LABOMAR RESEARCH add innovation and technological excellence to your products. Particularly skilled in the manufacturing of Food Supplements, Medical Devices.

AIRGLOSS: Develops advanced devices aimed at improving indoor environmental comfort using a proprietary AI based sensing technology. Indoor air quality monitoring for smart homes and building automation, based in Italy. Tech company focused on advanced building automation.

XMETRICS: Develops wearable device designed to empower their performance in every sport. A wearable technology company, combining Italian design with advanced biomechanical sensors and sophisticated algorithms, resulting in the ultimate ingenious activity tracker.

DATAWIZARD: An innovative company that thinks ideas for digital business, turn them into a proposition and builds innovative solution. They are DataWizard Srl – a team of 21 people passionate about innovating digital healthcare in Europe.

PREBIOMICS: Transform oral health care with microbiome analysis and artificial intelligence. Their mission is to build the world largest platform for the oral microbiome. Born from the extensive experience in the microbiome field and the solid scientific background of the founding team.

FONDAZIONE SALVATORE MAUGERI: A Italian hospital business. Salvatore Maugeri (1905-1985) created the Fondazione Clinica del Lavoro in 1965 to encourage scientific research and protect people by offering care and assistance.

CV LAB: An incubator fully focused on cardiovascular innovation in Europe. It selects the most promising ideas and turns them into spin-offs that can be funded by international venture capital. The first incubator for cardiovascular innovation in Europe.

THERESON: The company which has developed the Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance. An advanced and non-invasive method to treat chronic wounds, such as Diabetic Foot ulcers, and other serious conditions, by means of Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) of very low intensity.

SEDICIDODICI: A medical device company. Smart Clot is a new tool for measuring the haemorrhagic and thrombogenic potential “ex vivo” of patients affected by cardiovascular diseases and/or thrombotic-haemorrhagic disorders, and for monitoring the effects of anticoagulation.

NEURON GUARD: Developing a medical device the new standard of care for targeted temperature management of brain damages. Developed a therapeutic collar that helps healthcare professionals to manage patient temperature by reducing the complexity of the treatment.

NUTRIME: A one-to-one nutrition coaching service provided through a mobile app. NutriMe is a mobile application that provides people who want to improve their diet or who need to reduce their body weight with daily support from expert and certified nutritional coaches.

TECHNOGYYM: Develops and distributes a range of fitness and wellness equipment. Technogym provides a wellness solution tailor fit to their space and their needs. Technogym is the world leader in gym equipment for fitness clubs, sports centers, medical centers and home training.

CSO: Works within the field of ophthalmology. CSO has been an international leader in the ophthalmology sector for over fifty years. Since when it was born, the company has grown and, thanks to the wise leadership of its founders Mr. Sergio Mura and Mr. Giuseppe Matteuzzi.

MEDSNIPER: Synthesis of a faster, more secure approach to video laryngoscope procedures. Diverse team of engineers, designers and field experts in synergy to support medicals organizations & single operators. Since 2019, Innovative startup is active in the field of biomedical devices.

SONE HEALTH: An Italian company born from an intuition of its founders about the mechanical functionality of the classic stethoscope. The company was founded by a young engineer with a strategic vision of mechanical functionality of the classic stethoscopes. Improve Yuor stethoscope!

NEW GLUTEN WORLD: Provides a revolutionary safe and cost-effective industrial process for gluten detoxification in cereals. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

MTM: Cases and research, development & production of software for the medical sector. Research biotech company based in the Milan, in Lombardy. Mission is to assist academic & corporate scientists in the custom design & generation of cellular & murine models for biomedical research.

FASTWEB: An Italy-based fixed telecommunications network that provides infrastructure solutions to households and companies. With 2.7 million customers on the fixed network and 2.2 million on the mobile network, Fastweb is one of the main telecommunications operators in Italy.

GENECHRON: A Biotechnology Company. Genechron has been operating since 2010 performing advanced genomics analysis, and taking part in several projects in collaboration with research centers. Genetic Analysis Laboratory and Specialist Gynecology and Nutrition Clinic.

AMOLAB: Aims to provide the global medical community the first technology solution for monitoring safe, automatic, and non-invasive of labor. Italian research company specialized in the realization of highly innovative technologies of the future for the world medical community.

ALTHEA GROUP: A healthcare service company, provides multi-vendor medical equipment turnkey solutions worldwide. The Pan-European largest independent provider of integrated healthcare technology management. They operate as an outsourced technological partner for the provision.

ISICO: Promotes and develops an innovative approach in the rehabilitation treatment of non-surgical diseases of the spine from the child to the elderly. They promote and deliver an innovative approach in the rehabilitation treatment of vertebral/back pathologies.

NOVAGENIT: Researches, develops, manufactures and markets within orthopaedics bioabsorbable implantable medical devices and technology. Advanced biotechnologies for biopolymers engineering and regenerative medicine.

LISAPHARMA: Mainly active in the production and development of sterile injectable drugs. Lisapharma is active in the production and development of sterile injectable medicines. They produce pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical device products for Italian and foreign companies.

CHEMICARE: Committed to the discovery and development of orphan drugs for patients affected by calcium-related genetic diseases. An innovative SME founded in December 2016. Cutting-edge drugs for calcium-related diseases.

LA SANFERMESE: Helps increase grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage. Have been operating in the agro-food sector for years, stipulating supply chain contracts with their farmers to whom they provide the possibility of cultivating a wide range of products.

EGOHEALTH: Specialized in research, development and production of innovative medical devices with high technological value. The company provides figures with specific roles and technical and scientific expertise. Research and development activity in the fields of public health.

MENARINI SILICON BIOSYSTEMS: Develops lab-on-a-chip technologies for miniaturized cell-biology testing. Offers unique rare cell technologies and solutions that provide clinical researchers with access to unparalleled resolution in the study of cells and their molecular characterization.

ZAMBON: A leading Italian family company that has operated for 109 years in the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industry. A modern healthcare company founded on the history and values of an Italian family and committed to innovating cure & care to improve patients’ lives.

CENTRI DENTISTICI PRIMO: Trust is the basis of every relationship. First knows. Their method of care is based on absolute seriousness and transparency to achieve a clear and sincere relationship with the patient. Their dentist for life is not in fact an easy play on words.

VALUEBIOTECH: A medical device company helping surgeons with robotic tools that can be integrated into the operating room. Imagine a robot that allows surgeons to operate in the abdomen, passing through a single incision or the natural orifices without leaving any visible scar.

TUOTEMPO: An online medical management software that provides an online self-service appointment scheduling system. As the flagship enterprise product of DocPlanner Group, TuoTempo is the global pioneer of software-as-a-service for national and regional medical groups.

BILIMETRIX: Research & development company which has developed an innovative diagnostic device for neonatal jaundice screening. R&D Biomed company who launched on the market “Bilistick System”, an in vitro Point of Care (POC) system for early diagnosis of hyperbilirubinemia.

IVTECH: Designs and commercializes innovative in-vitro systems for alternatives to animal tests. An Italian company focused on the design of in-vitro technologies for physiologically relevant tissue models. With their products they can create interconnected and dynamic in-vitro models.

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