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Finnish food intelligence startup Veri lands €3.2 million to take its health monitor international

Helsinki-based Veri announced today that it has raised an approx. combined 3.2 million pre-seed and seed round, with the goal of expanding to the US and accelerating growth in Europe. The round was led by PROFounders, accompanied by Lifeline Ventures, Accel and several angel investors, including Johannes Schildt, CEO and co-founder of Kry/Livi, Kristian Ranta, CEO and co-founder of Meru Health and others.

Founded in 2020, Veri provides people with an effortless and objective way of finding their optimal diet to improve the state of their metabolic health. The combination of Veri’s app with a wearable blood glucose tracker provides real-time feedback on food choices. The product gives its users deep insights by analyzing personalized blood sugar levels in the context of exercise as well as sleep habits.

With the new funding, the company plans to start shipping to US-based customers, making the Veri product available for purchase starting in June 2021. Currently, there are over 50,000 people on Veri’s waitlist and a rapidly growing user base.

“Metabolic health is one of the strongest predictors of lifespan. We are on a mission to provide people with an effortless and deeply personalized way of eating, helping everyone reach their health goals and prevent the more distressing diseases,” explained Anttoni Aniebonam, the CEO and co-founder of Veri.

Veri is tapping into the crucial need for preventative health means. Poor nutrition is the leading cause of premature death in the 21st century. The startup states that 88% of people in the S are metabolically ill, and COVID-19 has drawn further attention to the importance of good metabolic health (obesity and Type 2 Diabetes). They go on to say that 71% of premature deaths globally are due to chronic illnesses and conditions.

“Veri is one of the most impactful biowearable platforms that we have ever seen. It is like having the best nutritionist in the world standing by your side 24-7, helping you understand how your food and lifestyle choices are affecting your personal metabolism in real-time. There aren’t many tools that can drive genuine positive lifestyle change like this, which is what makes this product so incredibly exciting” said Dr. Vimal Ramjee, a cardiologist, culinary medicine specialist and the Director of Health at Veri.

“Veri’s product is an innovative and important tool to prevent the growing prevalence of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, allowing users to take their health into their own hands using a well-designed technology” commented Dr. Guillermo Umpierrez, the President-Elect of American Diabetes Association and a Scientific Advisor for Veri.

The team behind Veri has extensive experience from working in organizations like Nike, Oura, Meru Health and the University of Pennsylvania. Veri’s investors have also a proven experience in scaling health tech companies in Europe and in the US, such as Oura and Kry.

“We invested into Veri because it is the missing piece in optimizing health. The team has a great, user-centric vision and are fastly growing to be one of the top health tech early-stage startups in Europe”, said Timo Ahopelto, the Founding Partner of Lifeline Ventures.

“Veri has a strong team with the strongest product out there in this growing new space of glucose tracking”, added Sean Seton-Rogers, General Partner at PROFounders.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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