Welcome to our new Research section, where we’re going to provide you with new research material every now and then. This is the place where we dig deeper into startup-related topics that matter. And here is our first Research:

EU-Acceleraror-ResearchStartup Accelerators in Europe
(a complete overview) – € 19.90 / £ 16.40
It almost feels like every month there is another startup accelerator getting started in Europe. This research is our attempt to give you a complete overview of accelerator programs across the continent (60 accelerators, 20 pages). Please let us know if there are some programs we’ve missed. We’re going to update this research on a yearly basis.

EU-Startups-ResearchStartup Sourcing
(Our new research service)
Every day, we’re getting contacted from up to 50 European startups that are aiming to get press coverage. Our team of experts has huge in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the startup world. We have our eyes and ears everywhere in Europe. With our new research service “Startup Sourcing” we’re offering you to do a tailored research for you in regards to European startups in a specific market, stage or industry. An exclusive research for you, where we seek out the best startups for a potential investment, collaboration or acquisition. The price depends on the depth of the research. If you’re interested, we’re happy to provide you with a concrete offer. Please contact us at:

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