The prime benefit of the hub/accelerator will be to create jobs, enhance IT SKILLS (Programs) and the rates of IT (startups) business establishment. In addition, this shall maintain the growth, survival, and expansion of a competitive and networked IT cluster economy. KIVUHUB will provide its tenants with an integrated package of services, international and regional networking, managerial mentoring and financial investment.

KIVUHUB will achieve the following objectives:
· Provide state-of – art physical facilities for housing IT enterprises, coupled with affordable and shared administrative and clerical services;
· Provide a network of Business services for both on-site and off-site clients; these services will include subsidized access to high –quality consulting services on legal, accounting, financial, management, marketing, technical ICT services and other business areas;
· Encourage collaboration among existing firms in pooling resources, establishing joint initiatives, and pursuing joint alliances and partnerships;
· Serve as an anchor for entrepreneurs seeking assistance in the promotion of technology, business development and planning, planning marketing and gaining access to local, regional and global markets and;
· Provide a public/private sector business showcase through cooperative and partnership (with regional and international)
The physical infrastructure of the incubator will be first located in well-equipped facilities in Bukavu.
1. Encourage collaboration among existing firms and assist firms in pools resources.
2. Services as anchors for Enterprises primes.
3. Provide network of business job creation.
4. Provide Services for clients on side enhance ICTs
Facilitate to establish a business plan and marketing