URBAN Public Safety Assistant

URBAN Public Safety Assistant
URBAN Public Safety Assistant is a public safety incidents prevention service that is digital, interactive and mobile.

URBAN agenda is to make everyone safe in any place and in any time.

Cities and residents/tourists are facing safety and security problems due to rapid expanse of terrorism, criminal behavior and violent incidents.
Solution – fight criminal activities with knowledge – by better use of digital technology and public safety data.
URBAN PSA solution – big data analysis of city public safety incidents history police data, turn that data into relevant & useful public safety information, distribute information to end users/residents and tourists over free mobile app.

URBAN Public Safety Assistant mobile app provides residents, tourists and city visitors with relevant, useful and easy to understand city public safety information based on police public safety incidents data.
If tourists/residents know where incidents are frequently occurring, at what time and to what extent then they can act in prevention and avoid danger.

URBAN PSA is ‘Google Maps’ for city/tourist destination public safety.
Digital, Interactive, Mobile
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