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52 Top Computer Vision Startups and Companies in Germany

This article showcases our top picks for the best computer vision startups and companies in Germany. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating their industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Computer Vision Startups in Germany

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

omni:us – The omni:us Digital Claims Adjuster enables seamlessly integrated end-2-end claims automation within existing insurance systems, such as Guidewire, Sapiens or legacy applications. Integrated reference claims processes for seven property and casualty lines of business.

Levity – Levity enables non-technical people to build AI-powered workflow automations without code. Users can automate any process with images, documents, and text to supercharge their productivity, or create their own AI in minutes through their intuitive interface.

Hasty.ai – Hasty’s end-to-end platform empowers high-value manufacturers and agricultural companies to incorporate vision AI. They minimise the bottleneck and pain of annotation while giving more time for building meaningful applications. Hasty is now a CloudFactory Company.

Artisense Corporation – Artisense is a computer vision and sensor fusion software company that develops an integrated localisation platform using cameras as a lead sensor for the automation of robots, vehicles and spatial intelligence applications.

ScaleHub AG – ScaleHub helps shared services centres and business process outsourcers scale up through a virtual workforce and data processing services. The ScaleHub portal is a crowdsourcing platform that takes traditional data extraction to the cloud.

36ZERO – 36ZERO (previously FotoNow) is an AI-powered visual inspection system developed to identify and solve a wide range of manufacturing quality issues. Their unique and robust algorithm can be set up by any user in a matter of clicks to identify defects on a pixel level.

PANDA – PANDA uses a self-developed, open-source machine learning framework to address the specific problems of industrial data. Their business model is based on providing the algorithms in a toolbox (a subscription model) for its customers (from sensors to data acquisition and fully automated analysis with AI).

Oculyze – Using cutting edge AI technology, Oculyze has created computer vision software that automates tedious manual image analysis and speeds up lab work. This revolutionary approach was proven to be successful with the launching of the automated yeast cell counters and apps for breweries and wineries.

Footprint Technologies – Footprint Technologies offers a seamless foot-measuring user experience that works across android and IOS smartphones, powered by AI. It reduces the need for returns and makes online shopping more personal and sustainable, by enabling users to always find the perfect fit.

MotionsCloud – MotionsCloud helps property and vehicle insurers to streamline and automate claims processes through mobile self-service, artificial intelligence (AI computer vision technologies) damage evaluation, and live video inspection technologies modules which can plug into existing claims systems.

tsenso – tsenso is an automated, cloud-based solution to track and gather information on product storage conditions from farm to fork. Their product, called FreshIndex, makes it possible for the true quality and shelf life of fresh produce to be measured at each step of the food supply chain using real-time risk quantification.

senswork – senswork is an expert in machine vision systems which specialises in optical inspection, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing. Their ready-to-use camera technologies for automation and quality assurance are used every day by renowned customers in numerous industries.

boost – Boost is a personal fitness assistant. Powered by computer vision and AI, boost tracks every movement during your workout, via smartphone. Boost counts every repetition, gives hints on proper form and motivates you, just like a real personal coach.

FRAMEN GmbH – FRAMEN is building the ‘internet of screens’ in semi-public spaces for news, inspiration and advertisements. This ‘digital-out-of-home’ marketplace offers brands and marketing agencies TV screen advertising solutions at venues like offices, gyms, hotels and gas stations.

Peregrine.ai – Peregrine.ai provides software making cameras in cars smart and creating new insights for better maps and geo-location services. Peregrine’s technology automatically anonymises information at petabyte scale before storing traffic scenes.

CONXAI – CONXAI is AI that understands construction. The team is building an AI platform for the AEC industry to quickly and easily contextualise different types and formats of project lifecycle data from multiple sources, and transform them into actionable knowledge.

oculai – Oculai is a solution for camera-based data collection on construction sites. Intelligent computer vision algorithms extract data on resource utilisation, construction performance and construction progress from image data. This automates time-consuming documentation and reveals productivity deficits in individual processes at an early stage.

NATIX – NATIX gives cameras brains and makes them GDPR compliant. Connect off-the-shelf AI processors (Edge Computers) to any camera, install Natix’s software on them, and let the AI detect the event of your choice. Upon detection, a notification with anonymised footage is sent to the dashboard or any client of your choice.

Signatrix – Signatrix docks on users’ existing infrastructure, making it smart in a matter of weeks. Connecting with users’ security cameras, they use AI to analyse whatever is happening in the user’s store — automatically and in real-time.

4tiitoo – 4tiitoo’s software platform NUIA Productivity+ increases the efficiency, ergonomics and user experience at computer workplaces by controlling applications based on user intention, using a combination of eye tracking and artificial intelligence.

Gestalt Robotics – Gestalt Robotics’s core is project-based development of tailored software for four fields: (data-efficient) AI-powered image processing in 2D and 3D, intelligent robotics, (edge) platform services for autonomous mobility and innovative worker assistance systems.

videantis – videantis is a leading supplier of deep learning and computer vision solutions based on its unified processing platform, offering: its processor IP, hardware/software-based solutions for deep learning, computer vision, image processing and video coding, among others.

rabbitAI – rabbitAI bridges data gaps. By training AI with blended real and synthetic data augemntations, customers achieve high reliability in their vision applications, whether in the healthcare industry or autonomous driving.

robominds – Robomind is ‘making robots smart’. With their ‘robobrain’ or the control platform for robots, they are laying the foundation for innovative, AI-based solutions in robotics, as well as advancing their customer projects.

deepsafety – deepsafety is deeply rooted in the early autonomous driving revolution; their team built the first prototype self-driving cars for the automotive industry like TomTom’s self-driving car “Trillian” which was certified for urban traffic in 2019.

Meshcapade – Meshcapade is building one of the world’s platforms for creating, animating and sharing realistic 3D human avatars from any data format. They are the trusted supplier for customers in apparel, fitness, synthetic data, AR/VR, telepresence and entertainment, including 6/10 top NASDAQ companies.

Paraspot – Paraspot enables companies in the field of real estate to conduct automatic inspections free of human error, by using computer vision. They see things that a human might miss, streamlining the whole maintenance process and reducing costs.

SONAH GmbH – SONAH allows cities and businesses to achieve reduced traffic, better air quality, better facility management, and effective regulation of multiple areas – all while maintaining individual privacy rights – via intelligently configured embedded vision sensors.

Vathos Robotics – Vathos is a startup company specialising in computer vision and machine learning for applications in robotics/factory automation. It is bridging the gap between traditional robotics and the state of the art in computer science, e.g. computer vision and machine learning.

TENADO – TENADO is a computer service company, focusing on industry-specific CAD software for metal construction, mechanical engineering, fire protection, occupational safety, woodworking and traffic planning. TENADO was acquired by the company Revalize.

SpotAR – SpotAR works on different augmented reality cases, specialised in tourism. They offer cities, municipalities and destinations a platform to implement a digital city tour with AR, via the individualized app, to make the city’s history come alive.

3S – 3S provides ‘state of the art’ ERP solutions to a wide variety of SMEs. They help users connect all company-wide data together, meet the legal requirements and optimise your business processes with the help of their ERP modules.

TraceParts – TraceParts is a leading 3D digital content provider. They offer digital marketing services to help part vendors, 3D printing suppliers, software and computer hardware vendors promote their products and services and generate high-quality B2B sales leads.

DSC Software – DSC Software offers digital transformation services spanning areas such as Digital Twin, Data Consistency, Smart Factory, Manufacturing Planning, Shopfloor, Product Lifecycle Management, Document Management, and Simple Search.

IsarsoftIsarsoft turns any camera into a sophisticated smart sensor. Counting passengers, monitoring conversion rates or measuring traffic in cities; with only a few clicks your camera starts collecting relevant business insights, in realtime.

Overland Tandberg – Overland-Tandberg assists and support companies in effectively managing, protecting and storing vital information with the profound reality of malicious threats, viruses, cyber-attacks, theft and natural disasters.

Nerian Vision Technologies – Nerian Vision Technologies manufactures 3D sensor systems for depth perception- based on passive stereo vision. Through state-of-art image processing algorithms in hardware, they provide rich 3D information at low latencies and low power consumption.

Be quiet – be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. The products of be quiet! offer legendary quiet operation and first-class performance thanks their passion for quality and precision.

Roasted Ox Leg – Roasted Ox Leg are a team of developers who deal with establishing enterprise solutions in part of Machine learning, Backend and DevOps. Their portfolio primarily consists of products resulting from the development of the “Electronic Trading Platform of Gazprombank” ecosystem.

Laser 2000 GmbH – Laser 2000 offers innovative laser and photonics solutions. Their range of products extends from lasers and light sources for the processing of materials, over measurement equipment and fibre optics to 3D imaging, optical power and energy metres as well as cameras.

Meplato – Meplato is a technology and procurement service company. Their team connects buyers and suppliers in the context of digitisation, purchasing 4.0, big data, collaboration and networking in the best possible technical and commercial way.

Cfturbo – Cfturbo specialises in services for turbomachinery design, simulation and optimisation. The software can be used to design axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as for diffusers, stators, return channels and volutes including secondary flow path modeling.

Aagon – Aagon offers client management software for the automated management of various OS-based PCs in company networks. They offer professional solutions for global networks in order to improve performance, increase safety and efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Bauknecht Softfolio – The Bauknecht Softfolio is a company that provides IT services like paper shredding, Grundig dictation solution and printer/copier. In addition to digital speech recognition certification, Bauknecht Softfolio is also a partner for RA-Micro legal software.

QUISS AG – QUISS specialises in machine vision solutions for quality inspection and robot guidance, mainly in the automotive industry. Applications include the inspection of adhesive and sealant application, 2D-/3D measurement and robot guidance, and assembly control, among others.

ADDI DATA – ADDI-DATA Group is a well-established technical leader in the field of embedded industrial electronics and software dedicated to industrial measurement and automation. They are present in numerous industries: automotive and metal, engine building, tailor-made, aircraft and chemicals.

Vision Markets – Vision Markets is exclusively dedicated to the global machine vision and commercial imaging industry. They enable their clients to grow with strategic consulting services in Marketing, Sales, Product Management, and Corporate Acquisitions.

Visevi Robotics – ‘RoVi’ offers a software-based sensor solution to make intelligent robots available to everyone. Their solution offers rich sensory feedback, providing measurements of joint positions of robot arms, as well as force, torque and tactile data at the end-effector.

AFRA – AFRA provides advice on product introduction, test preparation, automation, implementation, installation, and training, among other topics. Their customers come from areas such as medical technology and industrial automation.

Kontech – Kontech offers innovative technology services, such as mechanical and electrical design, hardware and software development, measurement technology, testing and test field services, calculation and quality assurance, integration and global commissioning.

redhotmagma – Redhotmagma is a software development company that offers MVP, app, API, web application/portal, configurator or desktop application. They have a deep understanding in developing software that fits every phase of a product’s go-to market.

pedcad foot technology – pedcad emerged from an experienced orthopedic shoe technology company and the idea of ​​revolutionising insole production. Today, they are a leading provider of measurement, software and manufacturing systems for digital custom insole manufacturing.

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