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72 Top Electric Vehicle Startups and Companies in Germany

This article showcases our top picks for the best Electric Vehicle companies based in Germany. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Electric Vehicle industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top German startups focusing on electric vehicles

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Sono Motors: Munich-based global mobility and energy service provider, which was founded in 2016. With its proprietary solar technology, Sono Motors is able to integrate solar panels into a vehicle’s bodywork, using energy captured from the sun to charge the vehicle’s battery. Their tagline? The future is solar!

TIER-MobilityTIER Mobility: A micro-mobility company that provides sustainable ride-sharing solutions to its customers. The company provides a range of shared, light electric vehicles, from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-mopeds, powered by a proprietary Energy Network and helps cities reduce their dependence on cars. This Berlin-based company has been featured in many of our articles.

Wunder Mobility: A tech and service platform that enables companies and cities worldwide to launch and scale new mobility. As a leading software and hardware provider for vehicle sharing, their highly customizable and deeply integrated software solution is complemented by a sharing-ready vehicle programme built in partnership with leading manufacturers.

Dance: An e-bike subscription service where users pay a monthly fee that covers their bikes and provides an all-inclusive support package. The subscription includes a bike concierge, maintenance, and theft replacement insurance, via the company’s hardware and software which allows for fast repairs through its warehouse and logistics setup.

e.GO Mobile: This German manufacturer of innovative electric vehicles and production solutions has developed a unique battery electric vehicle platform (e.) as well as Micro-Factories: a revolutionary production system which is a completely disruptive approach to producing electric vehicles. They are focused on providing holistic sustainability.

Unu motors: They want to create a mobility solution that fully connects people to the city. They believe in cities in which all people are enabled to embrace the full potential of urban life. Their first product, the electric scooter unu, was launched in the summer of 2014. unu is stylish, emission-free, quiet and super-easy to charge thanks to portable batteries.

Ubitricity: They focus on developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. ubitricity has developed an intelligent charging cable with all metering and billing technology: the SmartCable. The user carries the mobile electricity contract, tied to the SmartCable, along to the charging spot. The charging spots produce next to no running costs and can be installed practically everywhere.

Qwello: Munich based startup, founded in 2017, is committed to turning the world from combustion to electric. Qwello removes the annoyances EV users face every day to simplify their charging experience. The Qwello charging station detects when there is a car parked in front of it and becomes unavailable for others.

Wirelane: A full-service provider in the field of electric mobility. They develop, plan, install, and operate charging infrastructure. As the one-stop shop for hardware, software, and services, they shape the path to sustainable mobility together with their customers. WirelaneOS is one of the leading CPO operator platforms on the market.

FERNRIDE: They are on a mission to solve two major challenges: driver shortage and the huge negative impact of transportation on the environment. Their unique approach is gradual autonomy with teleoperation first, allowing their driver – known as teleoperators – to fully control electric vehicles without actually sitting in them.

CYCLE: They are on a mission to make sure that thousands of bike couriers have a smooth, fast, and safe delivery experience every day by offering a subscription-based full-mobility service for leading delivery services. It includes e-bikes, weekly maintenance, and digital solutions, working with leading players and industry disruptors like Flink and Getir.

HeyCharge: They provide charging infrastructure, payment systems, and installation for electric vehicles. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. Their wall boxes come equipped with their SecureChargeModule (SCM), which can connect with any smartphone without needing an internet connection.

elvah: They provide flat rates for charging electric cars, by fixing a monthly fee. Elvah uses live data and community feedback to help users find working and suitable electric car charging stations. The Elvah score is influenced by community feedback and continuous analysis of thousands of loading processes.

Comodule: A universal data monitoring and visualisation platform for light electric vehicles. They offer connectivity as a service to e-bike and e-scooter brands so they could focus on providing exceptional vehicles while we take care of connectivity. Comodule has connected nearly 700,000 light electric vehicles to the internet so far.

Evum Motors: A manufacturer of electric utility vehicles. The EVUM aCar is a compact all-electric commercial vehicle with all-wheel drive, a spin-off of a visionary research project at the Technical University of Munich. The noiseless and emission-free car is particularly suitable for natural habitats. The aCar also serves as a power source – the external socket allows the operation of any electrical device (230 V) with up to 3 kW continuous power.

Volkswagen Group: A multinational automotive company that manufactures a variety of vehicles. It designs, manufactures, and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines, and turbomachinery and offers related services including financing, leasing, and fleet management.

Torqeedo: They develop, manufacture, distribute, and market electric boat motors. It offers motors for tenders, small boats, dinghies, jollies, motor boats, and daysailors, as well as for fishing boats and canoes. The company also provides power batteries for the electrical boat drive.

GOVECS: Focused on creating zero-emission electric vehicles, designed according to the requirements of modern electric mobility. While prioritising special safety and performance, the company focuses on the B2C market with its cult cooter eSchwalbe, which is now available with swappable batteries.

kraftwerk TUBES: Renewable energy company that develops fuel cells for the powertrain of a wide range of applications. The company’s fuel cells are also suitable for a wide range of transportation applications, such as e-bikes, passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, motorhome RVs, and medium-duty trucks.

Recalm: Technology company that develops innovative acoustic devices for active noise reduction in vehicle cabins for construction and agricultural machinery such as excavators or maize choppers. The company reduces annoying and harmful noises for humans through targeted anti-sound in the frequency range <500 Hz.

Shelf.Network: An arbitrage network for cross-border vehicle trades, providing best matching by synchronizing trades across online marketplaces and brokers. The network is useful for used car trades in partnership with companies like BNP Paribas, Carfax, IAAI and Copart, broadcasting half a million inventory that is re-marketed and synchronously traded across different online marketplaces.

Circ: Created by a team with a shared vision of cleaner, safer, better-connected journeys. Founded at the end of 2018, the company’s purpose-built e-scooters are now available in seven countries and enjoyed by hundreds of people every minute.

&Charge: Engagement and service platform for e-mobility in Europe. &Charge’s smart reward mechanism is based on one of the first sustainable loyalty schemes, by which users collect &Charge kilometers for their activities, which can be redeemed for free charging sessions.

PENDIX: The company develops and markets the PENDIX, an innovative and high-quality e-drive system for bicycles. The PENDIX is a gearless drive unit with integrated, race car-proven control electronics. It allows bicycle manufacturers to significantly broaden their product portfolio without altering frames or components.

ZF Friedrichshafen: They offer product and software solutions for vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers. ZF electrifies a wide range of vehicle types. With its products, the company contributes to reducing emissions, protecting the climate, and enhancing safe mobility.

Hubject: Founded in 2012, offers an ‘eRoaming’ platform which aims to connect up EV charging stations and unify overall charging infrastructures for better mapping and easier payment solutions. Their mission? To jump-start the EV industry and redefine the future of mobility for all of us.

ChargeX: Munich based tech-startup. They develop a state-of-the-art charging solution for electric vehicles. This is their contribution to a more sustainable way of transport. The company was founded by Tobias Wagner, Michael Masnitza, and Johannes Engeln in 2017.

Quantron: System provider of clean battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and vans. In addition, their services include the electrification of used and existing vehicles, the creation of concepts including the appropriate charging infrastructure, plus rental, financing and leasing offers, and driver training. They also sell batteries and integrated customised electrification concepts.

Kreisel Electric: They specialise in the development of performance-oriented electric mobility. Their modular KREISEL Electric high-voltage battery systems are the one-stop solution for electrification projects, offering unsurpassed lifetime, superior safety and ultimate performance with best-in-class thermal management.

Neutron Star Systems: Leading market enabler for high-power space missions. They develop disruptive and robust electric propulsion (EP) systems and subsystems based on the latest superconductor technology. This unique space electric propulsion technology is suitable for three main markets: Automated Transfer Vehicles for spacecraft servicing; Lunar and cis-lunar transportation, and; Mars cargo missions.

Hofer Powertrain: System supplier that designs and develops conventional, hybrid and fully electric solutions for the automotive industry. Hofer Powertrain has been providing engineering services, technologies, and products to companies worldwide for over 40 years.

Sigo: Service for e-cargo bike-sharing and provides software solutions for electric bicycle rentals. The company helps clients with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the entire e-bike sharing system and provides electric bikes, charging stations, service software, smartphone apps for booking, operation management, and service vehicles.

Digital Charging Solutions: DCS develops charging solutions for automobile manufacturers and fleet operators, making it one of the world’s most important drivers of the transition to e-mobility. The full-service white-label solutions of DCS allow OEMs and fleet operators to realize their e-mobility strategies.

TRONITY: They offer a software-only solution for managing electric vehicle insights. The solution allows consumers to access, own and manage all aspects of their electric vehicles without the need for any additional hardware. Their solution also allows customers to compare their own vehicle data with that of a virtual fleet.

Chargecloud: They specialise in the construction of e-mobility electric charging stations, as well as apps and software for billing and management. Users can use the software to control, network and manage charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as manage customers, determine rates for charging processes and take care of billing.

Elektron Motors: EV manufacturing brand focusing only on developing and producing high-performance supersport cars and hypercars. They are an innovative automotive company, whose aim is to be a part of a better world by powering its high-performance vehicles with zero-emission clean energy.

Coboc: They design and build lightweight electric bicycles; their focus is superior design and outstanding technology. Their award-winning eCycle is one of the ‘best looking electric bicycles in the world’ and weighing only 13,5kg / 29lb is also one of the lightest. Their mission as a company is to completely revolutionise urban mobility.

Black Tea: They build electric motorbikes that stand for a timeless design and insane performance, on-road or off-road, regardless. They create the best riding experience through the combination of battery sharing with vehicle ownership. Every motorbike comes with a removable battery that can be charged at home or one of our charging stations for free.

eROCKIT: A unique pedal-operated electric motorcycle providing outstanding riding pleasure. The operation is very simple: the human is pedalling and the bike multiplies its muscle power many times and makes the driver happy with an indescribable, magical driving experience.

EDAG Group: They develop engineering and electronics vehicles. They provide project management, automotive cybersecurity, and quality management services. They also offer mobility software and mobile application development services.

eliso: They implement and operate charging solutions for electric vehicles by offering innovative software and all-around services, that support with: planning and analysis, implementation and installation, as well as operation and maintenance of charging stations.

Electric Routes – Electric Routes says that navigation for electric vehicles has ‘never been easier’. Electric Routes’ personal assistant gets users safely to their destination – users just need to choose their vehicle and their charge cards, check out the customised route and just start driving.

FLUTR: They are designing and manufacturing certified low cost vehicles for use in urban environments, and related electronic and training systems, including air traffic control and automated flight control systems, for the widespread adoption of personal aerial transport.

Lauftech: Mobility scooter distributor, founded in 2019. Their journey began when they contacted Veleco, a manufacturer of a top electric mobility scooter. With their approval, they began distribution of their mobility vehicles across Germany. Today, they distribute vehicles all over Europe. Their motto? “Bring back happiness and freedom of movement”.

SMAFO: An app platform for accessing e-bike mobility. They provide consumers with everything that is associated with current e-mobility: modern design, dependable components, a variety of access options such as purchase, leasing, financing, or rent, and curated accessories.

Faraday Motion: They bring freedom of mobility by enabling the development of intuitive, reliable, secure and affordable electric means of transportation. The company is developing intelligent, extensible and open lightweight electric vehicles. The first product of Faraday Motion is a 3D printable electric skateboard called The Hyperboard.

Compleo Charging Solutions: One of the leading full-range suppliers of charging technology in Europe. The Compleo Group provides charging stations as well as software services to commercial and private end customers via a strong sales partner network. The software and hardware can be connected to third-party products via standard protocols.

Stigo Fleet: They provide a subscription-based B2B shared fleet of electric vehicles. They envision a future where every office and building has a fleet of electric two-wheelers. For a short trip, you can go with one of their small foldable vehicles that offer an independent and hassle-free means of travel.

Comfortcharge: An innovative company based in Bonn that operates charging stations for electric vehicles nationwide. The company thus creates the necessary infrastructure for the breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany. Comfort Charge is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Riese & Müller: They manufacture e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and folding bikes. With its products, Riese & Müller is shaping the e-mobility products of tomorrow. They build e-bikes to meet all requirements: daily commuting, everyday family life, sporty bike rides, long-distance cycle rides, and just for people who enjoy cycling.

badenova: Is a transmission and distribution company for electric energy, natural gas, district heating and water, and solar energy. They provide public services, as well as products and services committed to innovation, and environmental and climate protection.

Fronyx: They develop online solutions using artificial intelligence for the electric vehicle industry. The company name is derived from the Ancient Greek word phronēsis, which means wisdom as it relates to practical action – given that they turn raw data into intelligence that enables their customers (or their end users) to make wise tactical decisions.

Mosolf: Logistics and supply chain company that provides vehicle service and logistics for the automobile industry. The company uses its fleet of double-decker cars for transport by rail and two-car transporters for road traffic own RoRo inland vessels. It also provides customised and all-around solutions for fleet operators, dealers and the automobile industry.

Velocity: They provide high-quality products, services and services for all American vehicles with a focus on Ford Mustang. They specialise in selling parts for vintage cars and late model vehicles, maintaining and restoring them with components such as sheet metal, seals, engines – anything from little bolts, over engines and even complete bodyshells.

PLEV Technologies: They have developed STEEREON, an e-scooter that connects lifestyle, driving enjoyment, and functionality like no other. STEEREON is a hybrid e-bike and e-scooter, specially designed for covering short distances, with an internationally patented four-wheel steering system that gives the driver the feeling of skiing on the street.

Nidec GPM: They produce innovative water pumps for combustion engines, cars, trucks, and electric vehicles for durability and efficiency. They also have worked permanently on advanced and innovative pump technology for CO2 reduction and fuel-saving with a high degree of reliability.

movitale: They offer mobility solutions with collections of electric vehicles, scooters, and walkers. They are a competent partner in all questions regarding individual mobility in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other neighbouring countries.

Schneider: A specialist partner for state-of-the-art solutions from renewable energy sources. They offer clever energy concepts for installing a photovoltaic system, to generate electricity, as well as battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall or the S10 home power plant from E3DC.

Forschner: They provide e-mobility, precision turned parts, cabling, electromechanical, SCR systems and development support services. The company is valued for their products for e-mobility, cabling systems, SCR systems and electromechanical systems, supplying global companies that play leading roles in their industries.

UrmO: They are developing mobility solutions and efficient vehicle concepts for crowded urban areas. They are enhancing multi-modal urban mobility with a self-balancing, light electric vehicle, with a patent-pending folding mechanism and a light weight of 6.5 kg, which can be driven anywhere and carried all other places.

Advanced System Design: They are a hybrid-electric amphibious all-terrain vehicle and off-road robots manufacturer. They specialise in low voltage electric vehicle (EV) technology, with headquarters in München. They make their own hybrid-electric ATV and are now offering a complete EV powertrain system as a ready-to-use product.

Molabo: Munich-based company dedicated to developing electric drives for the e-mobility revolution. Their mission is to provide safe-to-touch low-voltage e-solutions to enable sustainable mobility worldwide.


JMD: They specialise in helmet design and racing artwork that incorporates merchandise for sponsors, mechanics, team leaders, friends and fans. The whole thing started when Jens Munser, using his parent’s cellar, had his first attempts at airbrushing his helmets for motocross racing. He wanted to have individual designs which would match his clothing. JMD now creates 500 to 600 helmet designs per year.

RC KleinKram: Webshop for electric vehicles, car spares, tuning parts, accessories, tire rims, batteries, motors, oil, tools and equipment. They offer over 25,000 listed products and an availability of over 95%.


LoyalGo: They make the setting up and operation of charging stations economical. Using highly visible screens for e-mobilises and passers-by, they turn charging stations into digital advertising columns. The ads are selected by their LoyalGo-algorithm, and to improve the conversion rate of the displayed ads they developed a mechanism to track whether the advertising was followed or not.

Liquis-Life: An online shop that offers bicycles, e-bikes, backpacks, clothing, cycling shoes, lifestyle clothing, and equipment. Plus, given that the bicycle is a fun, fitness-promoting and environmentally friendly means of transport, as a dealer they also take part in innovative bike leasing.

Proseat: One of Europe’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of polyurethane foam technologies and seating, as well as interior components. Through their products, they ensure enhanced passenger comfort, functionality and safety.

Clean mobile: They stand out as a powerful and highly efficient electric drive solution for light electric vehicles (LEVs). Their team of more than 20 highly skilled employees has developed a highly innovative patented electrical drive train system that revolutionizes the Light Electric Vehicle Industry (LEV) worldwide. The company was acquired by The TQ Group.

3E-motion ventures: They invest in the most promising software technologies that help the industry to reduce development time and cost significantly. They utilize the knowledge of 18 years of research and development in processes, methods and tools to master the increasing complexity of E/E-systems in vehicles, aeroplanes and industrial plants.

Hennig Fahrzeugteile: One of Germany’s suppliers of light and commercial vehicle parts. Hennig Fahrzeugteile has 31 branches across Germany and serves more than 9,000 customers, predominantly independent workshops and retailers.

E-WALD: German electric vehicle charging firm has a strong position in fast charging and electric car sharing services. They are active in Norway, Sweden, UK, Austria and Germany, now called Mer, owned by Statkraft.


Wellergruppe: Automobile trading group that works with several automobile companies. The Berlin-based company is one of the largest automobile trading groups in Germany and currently operates 35 car dealerships.

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