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Paris-based Loewi raises €1 million Pre-Seed round to bolster the reconditioning of electric bicycles in Europe

Sales of electric two-wheelers have exploded in recent years in France and the rest of Europe, with electric bicycles leading the way. The total number of electric bicycles in circulation will reach nearly 50 million units by 2030 in Europe (Expert Market research). These electric two-wheelers are disrupting our transportation habits; however, there are still obstacles: the price of new bicycles is the first one for 66% of French people, according to Ifop. As for used bicycles, consumers usually have no guarantees, bearing the risk of battery, motor, or electronic failures alone. 

As other sectors have shown in the past (such as the automotive, telephone, and home appliance sectors), reconditioning is the ecological solution that allows consumers to reconcile affordability with guarantees.

Loewi, a specialist in the purchase, recovery, reconditioning, and resale of electric bicycles, has announced a €1 million Pre-Seed fundraising round backed by Antler France, Satgana, the Centrale-Supélec 21st fund, and the Caméléon Invest Family Office. 

“Our goal is to be exemplary in quality, customer relationship, and compliance with ethical and ecological standards. These qualities, recognized by our partners, have enabled us to build strong relationships with them, which we want to establish over the long term,” says Diego Level, President of Loewi.

The fresh capital will allow Loewi to increase its reconditioning capabilities to reach 300 reconditioned bikes per month in 2023 and to accelerate the development and deployment of its technological tools throughout its value chain. These are key success factors for consolidating links with their distribution partners and keeping up with strong demand growth. Ultimately, these elements will position Loewi as a unique model in Europe and a preferred partner for major retailers.

Loewi is the first player to support distributors, manufacturers, operators, insurers, and C2C actors in the circular economy through the purchase and resale of reconditioned bicycles. This unique model, which is proving its worth, has allowed the company, which has recorded a 30% growth in sales every month since the beginning of the year, to now have ten partner brands for distribution and has already launched its sales internationally (Belgium, Austria, Netherlands).

“It is an honor to join the Loewi adventure to support Diego, Tanguy, Vivien, and their entire team in their mission, whose commercial success is intrinsically correlated with an expected double positive impact, the acceleration of the adoption of soft mobility and the circular economy,” adds Romain Diaz, General Partner at Satgana 

“The approach of Loewi seems to us to be the smartest and most scalable: each actor focuses on their own expertise, allowing for both rapid and controlled deployment,” adds Antoine Poirson, General Partner at Antler France.

Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
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