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In Store Rewards is a fully automated Text Message based Customer Loyalty Program that enables business owners to effortlessly build their SMS contact list on the fly whilst their customers go about their business as usual. Business owners will be able to instantly reward their customers for their visit to their business, and/or for any purchases they have made on the day. And come the dreaded "slow business times" business owners can send SMS / Text messages to all their customers in just seconds to "call" them back to the business for any offer, sale or event that they run for them. The system can send out reminders to registered customers that have not been to a business for a set number or days following the last visit/purchase.

No restrictions or limits as to who can use In Store Rewards!
Our fully automated Text Message based Loyalty Program - In Store Rewards - can be applied to virtually any business that relies primarily on walk-in-customers. There is no limit to the type of business using In Store Rewards and there are no limits for a business owner as to what one can offer as a reward to their prospects and customers. SMS contact lists are built on the fly and customers are rewarded at the same time! It all equates to a “win x win” scenario for both business owners and customers alike.

No restrictions or limits where to use In Store Rewards!
In Store Rewards can be used anywhere in the world where mobile phones are in use to send and receive SMS - the language one likes to use for the backend of the In Store Rewards or your Rewards Site also does not matter as we can adequately cater for any language.

We speak English ~ Wir sprechen deutsch ~ Hablamos español ~ ??? ????? ??????? ~Si parla italiano ~ Kami berbicara Bahasa ~ ?? ???? ???? ????? ??? ~ ??
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