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Meet the companies exhibiting at this year’s EU-Startups Summit!

On April 20-21, 2023, we will be welcoming you to our annual EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona! This year, the event will be bigger and better than ever before and we’ll have lots of exciting speakers, panel discussions, networking activities, pitch competitions and much more. The EU-Startups Summit will gather over 2,000 founders, startup enthusiasts and investors for two days of networking, inspiration and learning!

This year, we also have a busy exhibition hall to showcase some of Europe’s hottest startups, discover the latest innovations from corporate players, and highlight exciting tech development from across Europe.

The exhibition is an energetic place to be, featuring corporates, startups and agencies. These are the different companies you should be looking forward to meeting in our exhibition area at the EU-Startups Summit! So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket today.

Without further ado, below we’re introducing you to this year’s fantastic exhibitors that are already confirmed. More updates to come!

Airwallex: A global payments and financial platform for modern businesses, Airwallex aims to remove unnecessary friction and cost in the traditional financial system. Leading companies around the world trust Airwallex to manage everything from payments, treasury, and spending to embedded finance – all in one single platform. The mission is to connect entrepreneurs, business builders, makers, and creators with opportunities in every corner of the world. With an international footprint across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, the firm empowers businesses to grow without borders. 

AtomCTO: Based in London, Atom CTO was founded with a goal to provide quality, yet affordable tech services to startup founders and small business owners. The team comprises ex-CTOs, senior developers and business analysts that have worked at both large institutions and startups and have firsthand knowledge of how to build successful tech platforms that can help businesses drive growth.

Barabar card game logoBarabar: Developed by the social enterprise Infinite Games, Barabar is an innovation in human rights education. The card game challenges players to rescue Earth from different threats, such as drought, war, financial crisis, pandemic, and famine. The aim is to simultaneously educate with modern teaching practices whilst engaging minds.

Blox: Blox aims to empower faster decisions without the need for antiquated spreadsheets. The startup is on a mission to use tech to make financial modelling and planning simple for startups and SMEs. It empowers companies to create financial models with pre-build planning tools to help business leaders escape the tyranny of complex, clunky, and error-prone spreadsheets.

Carbonaa: With the aim to help businesses reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, Aapaam accompanies users on the path to reaching carbon neutrality. The firm provides carbon footprint measuring and helps to set reduction strategies. Based in Iran, Aapaam also offers carbon credits from high-quality forestry projects that preserve natural resources and support local communities to protect biodiversity.

CloudWorks: A leading coworking operator, CloudWorks offers flexible workspace solutions with comprehensive services. The spaces empower people and teams to enhance their work and feel motivated in a thriving, talented community. The curated coworking spaces are currently found in central locations in Barcelona and Madrid. CloudWorks was founded in Barcelona and has been shaping the co-working space since 2015.

Cloyd IXR: AR/VR pioneers and trusted by many reputable partners, Cloyd IXR specializes in the development of easy-to-use and scalable products, using a fully optimized and professional in-house development cycle. They have a highly motivated and experienced international team based in Europe.

Cmd+N: Cmd + N is a full-cycle digital product development company. The firm builds MVPs for startups and greenfield projects for established companies. They can help you define the requirements necessary to test your business hypothesis and bring your idea into reality using the latest technological stack. Cmd+N was founded in 2022 and is based in Barcelona.

Container Aid: Taking on city waste, ContainerAid offers a garbage system that provides urban centres with cleaner garbage containers and improve collection services – with environmental benefits. Developed in Scandinavia, the solution uses a solar power ozone generator which also removes the smell of trash and is a low-energy solution. The result is a tool that enables better route planning, efficiency and cleaner, more eco-friendly urban areas.

CloudGard: CloudGard, cloud Cyber Security for AWS, Azure and GCP is a SaaS tool designed to continuously identify cloud misconfiguration issues and compliance risks of companies whose data/assets are on AWS  (of Amazon Cloud), AZURE (of Microsoft Cloud),  GCP (of Google Cloud), etc.  CloudGard analyzes your cloud’s security posture and exposes the weaknesses, along with actionable suggestions, in a single and easy-to-use dashboard by regularly pulling configuration data from your cloud environment.

DDD Invoices: Founded in Ljublijana in 2023, DDDInvoice offers global e-invoicing solutions for SaaS, ERPs, independent software vendors and enterprises. By implementing 1 API your company can get complete global e-invoicing ability.


EdBerry: This edtech company offers digital services for further education, converting a person’s education history into high-value data. Creating an overview of an individual’s learning, it gives insight into how to improve their strengths and weaknesses, for career guidance and for use by employers. It’s Education Score, akin to the traditional financial score, verifies a person’s credentials. At the same time, for educational service providers, the company automates key processes like sales management, financial management and personnel management. 

empact: Offering a complete SaaS platform, empact opens up the ability to trade as a local in 27 EU member states and the UK market and takes on the entire burden and responsibility from the seller. The solution offers e-commerce players the ability to remain compliant 24/7 by providing sellers with the VAT/IOSS/OSS numbers they need and connecting automatically to their online shops to automate the entire reporting, filling, and VAT payment to the authorities seamlessly.

EPAM Systems: EPAM is the foremost global digital transformation services provider – leading the industry in digital and physical product development and digital platform engineering services. Through its innovative strategy; integrated advisory, consulting, and design capabilities; and unique ‘Engineering DNA,’ EPAM’s globally deployed hybrid teams help make the future real for clients and communities around the world by powering better enterprise, education and health platforms that connect people, optimize experiences, and improve people’s lives.

EU SME Centre: The EU SME Centre, which began operations in 2010, is an initiative of the European Commission that provides a comprehensive range of hands-on support services to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) helping them in doing business in China. It provides a self-Diagnosis Tool that allows users to gauge market readiness for China, and,  provides customised guidance, insights and tips on the key issues encountered by European SMEs. Applicants will then discuss their case with one of the EU SME Centre’s experts, via confidential one-to-one calls.

Feeder: Barcelona-based Feeder offers AI and facial recognition tech that uses qualitative analytics to measure the emotions and reactions of users. The SaaS startup aims to help marketing and product teams get feedback on their campaigns by measuring and analyzing how target audiences react, giving them better market insights and actionable data. It was founded in 2020 and is based in Barcelona.

Finom: This Amsterdam-based company provides financial solutions for entrepreneurs and freelancers by combining business account benefits with multiple services. The product pools accounting, financial management, and banking functions into a single mobile-first platform, making life simpler. At Finom, the aim is to set new standards for doing business, demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in the modern world by making it as easy as using your smartphone. 

Futura Vive:  Based in Madrid, Futura Vive is developing and distributing robots for the hospitality, health, restaurant and retail sectors. The company was founded in 2007 and is using AI to develop the assistants of the future. Futura Vive counts global brands like Repsol, Accenture  and Volkswagen as clients.

GreenBytes: The winner of last year’s EU-Startups Summit Pitch Competition, GreenBytes is a restaurant management tool conserving the environment and meets Iceland’s personal goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. GreenBytes aims to reduce food waste in Reykjavík while increasing the profit margin for restaurants through optimized ordering. GreenBytes is based in Reykjavik and was founded in 2020.

Green Learner: Green Learner is on a mission to make education on the environment and sustainable development more accessible. The company organizes lessons and workshops based on collaborative training where everyone can participate in constructive knowledge sharing and building.

Ibermática: As part of the Ayesa Group, Ibermática make up one of the main conglomerates of ICT services in the market. The firm offers ICT consulting, infrastructure services, information systems integration, outsourcing and implementation of integrated business management solutions. It operates across the core industries of finance, insurance, industry, services, telecommunications, health, utilities and public administration, to which we offer specific sector solutions.

ISales Dynamics: Founded in Chicago, ISales Dynamics aims to help businesses get better outcomes in sales and marketing. The firm provides a range of services, including consulting work and professional training from top-level sales and marketing professionals. They are all about execution, from writing your business plan to accessing a new market to selling a new product and providing the execution labour. They’re here to aid in the growth and expansion of your business. 

Innerspace: A fast-growing VR Simulator company, Innerspace aims to empower its customers and their employees to master essential industrial processes. They combine VR expertise, training strategy, and industry knowledge to build and deliver impactful and scalable VR simulator systems for operators in the pharmaceutical industry. Based in Innsbruck, the company was founded in 2017.

Innoway: Innoway designs, prototypes and validates innovative products in the medical field. It brings together engineers, experienced people from basic sciences and medicine dedicated to multidisciplinary work. The team members’ different scientific and practical experience in the industry provides a different perspective on current medical problems and contributes to the production of products that can change the paradigm in the field. 

Insquad: Insquad is an IT services company with a focus on providing top-quality remote software engineers from all over the world to US and EU companies. With a proprietary AI-vetting algorithm and 100,000+ developers in their database, they offer their clients a fast solution to scale development teams with quality software engineers at very competitive prices. Each Insquad engineer passes an AI-vetted coding test, tech interview, English language interview and remote working capabilities such as self-management and clear communication to ensure our clients get only top quality developers.

Italdesign: Italdesign is a state-of-the-art customer-centric, method-based company serving both traditional OEMs and newcomers in mobility, product and transportation design worldwide. It’s capable of influencing market changes with innovative designs and technologies and serves as a hub able to interconnect different sectors and expertise and integrate advanced technologies and services thanks to its technical and strategic partnerships.

Jobbatical: Jobbatical’s software automates several tedious parts of the relocation and immigration process. As a result, Jobbatical’s agents don’t have to fill out government forms—the tech does it. That means they spend their time taking care of their clients instead of doing paperwork. Jobbatical is based in Tallinn and was founded in 2014.

Knowlepsy: Knowlepsy is an IoT device for epilepsy monitoring and detection powered by AI algorithms. The startup wants to change how epilepsy is treated, leveraging tech to provide accurate and reliable data to patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. The patient-centric solution uses AI, helping to improve the quality of life for those with epilepsy and their caregivers.

Labelcap: Based in Brussels, Labelcap helps organizations prepare their training data to develop highly efficient AI models. Their soon-to-be-launched prototype minimizes human interaction by smartly selecting the bare minimum amount of data for the domain expert to label. They enable the responsible use of AI by reducing training time, cost, and carbon impact in settings where frequent retraining is mandatory.

Luggit: Since 2020 Luggit has been pioneering a new approach to luggage storage with its pick-up and delivery service. Travelers use the website or mobile app to request a ‘keeper’ to pick up their luggage and then deliver it at the place and time of choosing – never worry about lugging luggage around again. Founded in Portugal, the startup now has a presence in Lisbon, Porto, Vienna, Prague and Barcelona.

MYCOlive: Founded in Budapest, MYCOlive is facilitating an eco-friendly living and working experience. The company provides eco-living and eco-working apartments via a digital booking platform. With the rise of remote working and the popularity of co-living and co-working growing, the company taps into a growing market, supporting a generation of students, digital nomads and people interested in community-based sustainable living.

PayByStep: PayByStep helps you streamline and preserve your cash flow by enhancing payment processes throughout the whole process. With its step-by-step payment platform, PayByStep allows freelancers, startups, VSEs & SMEs to reduce their payment times and their risk of non-payment, while legally protecting their collaborations.

Polestar: Electric performance brand, Polestar, is on a mission to improve the society we live in, one car ata a time. The company develops innovative electric vehicles that are pushing forward a new era of sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Gothenburg, its vehicles are available throughout North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Reggster: Founded in Helsinki, Reggster offers an online legal service for startups to register their trademarks around the world. Trademarks and IP law are notoriously complex waters to navigate, but Reggster exists to make it simple. They focus specifically on trademark prosecution, primarily EU and international trademarks.

SeedBlink: Romanian firm SeedBlink is one of the fastest-growing pan-European networks and tech-powered investing platforms that helps ambitious individuals and institutions to invest and fund top-tier European tech startups and scaleups, alongside established venture capital firms as co-investor at the same terms. 

Silicon Castles: Silicon Castles is a Tech Company Builder and Strategic Business Accelerator for technology, intellectual property and licensing businesses, located in Salzburg, Austria. The focus is on European Diamonds: technology startups with unique business ideas, scalable technology and outstanding intellectual property. Silicon Castles also organizes the Startup Executive Academy (SEA), an international Go-to-Market program for founders and executives of early-stage startups, taking place annually since 2017.

Spirecut: Spirecut provides ultrasound-guided, incision-free instruments that enhance hand surgery standard of care and accelerate patient recovery. The core of their mission is the improvement of trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome surgeries, which affects one in seven individuals during their lifetime. To achieve this, they offer patented instruments for ultrasound-guided hand surgeries, enabling more accurate procedures and better patient outcomes. Spirecut is based in Basel and was founded in 2020.

SQMSQMGlobal mining firm SQM operates in industries that are strategic for sustainable development, such as health, food, technology and the clean energies that move the world. The company focuses  on the extraction of minerals, capable of being selectively integrated in the processing and commercialization of products for industries essential for human development.

Staycaee: This Limassol-based company offers fully-furnished living spaces on flexible terms. They provide designer fully furnished and equipped living spaces for business professionals, digital nomads, and families on flexible terms.


Swarm Analytics develops AI tech that converts cameras into smart sensors, capable of extracting real-time information from video streams directly at the source. The smart sensors are GDPR compliant and enable objects to be detected, classified, and followed providing insights without collecting personal data. Based on Swarm Analytic’s sensor technology, the solution partners deliver a broad range of end-to-end smart city solutions for traffic, parking, public transport, and retail.

Topsource Worldwide: HR firm Topsource enables companies to employ, payroll and operate anywhere – quickly and with compliance. The aim is to empower companies to expand globally by offering a depth of HR services unlimited by borders. It’s currently got a global team operating in over 60 countries.

Unlimint: With operations across the world, from London to Singapore and from San Francisco to São Paulo, Unlimint helps businesses enter new markets, explore new industries, and reach new milestones. Their mission is to provide innovators with a convenient and simple financial interface that enables payments to flow freely and invisibly across borders. They offer a wide range of services, including payment gateway, card acquiring, business accounts, card issuing, alternative payment methods, and more.

VanOnGo: Urban delivery AI-powered platform Vanongo brings consumer-centric tech to the world of urban last-mile delivery. It enables transparent and precise delivery for merchants and fleets for revenue growth. Create a post-checkout customer journey and upsell during the delivery. VanOnGo was founded in 2020 and is based in Tallinn. 

Vanta: Vanta is the easy way to achieve compliance certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more. Over 4000 fast-growing companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring and get ready for compliance audits in weeks instead of months. Simply connect your tools to Vanta, fix the gaps on your customised dashboard, and then work with a Vanta-trained auditor to complete your certification.

XMED iQ – International Group: Based in London, XMED iQ is a marketplace for medical consumables and devices from tender to trading to billing. XMED iQ aggregates large volumes of medical device orders from hospitals through their fully integrated sourcing platform, then sees distribution throughout Europe. 

YOYABA: Founded in Hamburg, YOYABA is a revenue marketing agency that scales B2B SaaS teams to the next level by leveraging a revenue-focused marketing approach instead of drowning in the lead-gen hamster wheel. Currently, the company’s portfolio counts over 40 scaleups.

Yup Charge: Based in Barcelona, Yup offers charging solutions for public spaces, making it easier to recharge on the move. It’s creating a service for the digital native generation, enabling us to always be connected. It’s helping fuel the green mobility transition well, enabling EVs to be easily charged as well as smaller devices.

Exhibition Hall Floorplan 

As you can see, our exhibitor list represents a whole host of markets and industries. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to feel the buzz of our exhibitor space by picking up your ticket now!

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