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The primary objectives and principal line of business of the COMPANY “JOB NUR” shall be to operate through digital web & mobile application [apps.] platforms / marketplace and Jobs Registration Facilitation Centers; with sophisticated technologies & manpower expertise. Registered Prospective employers and registered quality manpower shall be having low-cost & fast-track worldwide connections through computers & mobile-devices, web & application platform [apps.] / Marketplace and Jobs Registration Facilitation Centers. Mission of the Company is to boost economy through maximum utilization of manpower for domestic, commercial, industrial & overseas employment.
Long Business Description

Today we have Mobile Marketplace Apps where we can easily hire a taxi on Bolt, we can also order a meal on WOLT / Bolt and so on, but we do not have any mobile apps digital and scalable marketplace to easily find 200+ or beyond category workforce, supported with bilingual and user friendly GUI, hence using our mobile apps anyone can work at his / her own choice of time, wage and nearby location after quick and easy 30 seconds signup process on our workers mobile app and getting him/her self digitally / virtually verified by our expert teams globally.

Furthermore, customer records and post 15 seconds quick video of a tasks they want to be done , and the nearest (1KM+ radius) already established service provider companies / workforce submit bids after viewing task of the video, customer checks workers service cost, past rating, live location / distance and
book workforce and track his/her location and get the job done, system also generate, records and collects VAT digitally from each job performed.

This start-up is unique in a sense that it is digitally structuring till date unstructured industry through digital transformation and innovative technological solutions and SOP’s.

Nevertheless, this will not only create a big data of technical and non-technical workforce, job records, costing on each service but it would also generate new stream of local services tax for the government.

We also have auto pilot and manual Job video screening module on our backend admin panel to auto or manually approve jobs and bids and get them sanitized if we get loads of jobs and bid so everything is well planned and ready to handle big data.

In new future we will also design and produce , an AI robotic dock where workers can verify themselves from train stations, malls, airports or even shopping centers just like online check-in systems placed at airports and train stations, USTAAD (Unique Skills Testing, Authentication & Acceptance Dock) designs, hardware is ready we are now working on its software.

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Jobs, Service Providers, Marketplace, Mobile App(s)
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