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Finest Fashion Site covers sustainable fashion brands. The fashion industry is the second most polluted industry in the world besides oil, so the mission of our project is to enlighten people about the severity of this issue and also bring all the info they need to educate themselves together to one place - finestfashionsite.com.
At the moment we're working on sustainable fashion dictionary, which we're planning to publish on our web page by the end of this month. But the next big project is developing database with 500 well known fashion brands ranked by their sustainability level, therefore making them transparent to consumers.
Although this info might have been very dry and technical, our main focus is to entertain our readers with brief and light articles about sustainable fashion designers, and for those who only wish to see pretty clothes we also have an Instagram account, with 8000 followers https://www.instagram.com/finestfashionsite/

I'm writing to you, because sustainability is a big issue and we can not keep this up or there will be no world to wear the clothing on! So please help us spread this message!☀

If you should have any follow-up questions, I'm glad to answer them all!

Have a lovely week!
Elin Holm
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