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Business Description
Crisp is a multichannel customer support platform dedicated to Startups & SMB's in order to help them scale their customers' relationship. More than a team inbox, Crisp offers the ability to install a Live Chat, to create a knowledge base, to set a chatbot, to manage contact information or even to start drip campaigns.
Long Business Description

Nowadays, companies face multiple communication channels and it's going up! One of the main consequences results in multiple software to handle in order to respond to customers question the fastest as possible.
Furthermore, lots of small companies such as startups have to face intense competition. They have to stand out and the customer support is a way for them to differentiate from competitors.
Pricing is tough for small companies if you look at Intercom or Drift for example who are Crisp's competitors.
With Crisp, you access a team inbox that centralizes all your communication channel, a knowledge base software, a chatbot software, a CRM software, an in-app and email software to send drip campaigns and many more features helping small companies to compete with the giant!

Based in
Nantes, France
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