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Zurich-based Quazel bags €1.4 million to turbo charge its AI language tutor audience

Quazel, an ETH spinoff based in Zurich, has secured €1.4 million from Khosla Ventures to propel the development of its AI language tutor. The startup aims to revolutionize language learning by empowering learners to achieve conversational fluency through its artificial intelligence-backed app. 

With support for 21 languages already implemented, the funding secured in the Seed financing round marks a significant milestone for Quazel. This investment will enable the company to make personalized and individual tutoring accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, the funds will support the expansion of Quazel’s team and further advancements of the app.

Traditional language programs have often overlooked the importance of conversational skills, relying on expensive tutors or cumbersome scheduling for tandem partnerships, according to this Swiss startup founders. Quazel addresses these limitations by providing learners with an AI app that recreates and enhances the experience of practicing speech with a human tutor. 

Through unscripted and dynamic conversations, learners can freely express themselves, while the AI responds and engages in the dialogue. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning techniques, the Quazel team has developed an AI personal language tutor capable of comprehending context and discussing any topic. 

The app offers a tailored learning structure, aligned with users’ progress and interests, while incorporating engaging features such as the scene builder, enabling users to choose their discussion counterpart and topic. Gamification elements allow learners to earn points and level up, making the language learning journey enjoyable and accessible.

Shortly after its launch in 2022, the app attracted over 50,000 users in just two days, demonstrating its appeal and potential impact. Currently, the app supports 21 languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Known for providing venture assistance and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies, Khosla Ventures chose to invest in Quazel for its original take on offering learners an AI app that replicates and enhances the immersive practice of speech with a human tutor. Founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, manages over $15 billion in assets, underscoring their commitment to supporting innovative ventures like Quazel.

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Stefano De Marzo
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