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Amsterdam-based NeoKe raises first round of €1.3 million to upscale decentralised digital identity for travelers

Travel tech startup NeoKe has secured funding of €1.3 million from Dreamcraft Ventures, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE : Vision Hub of Gebr.Heinemann and Plug & Play to further develop its breakthrough decentralised digital identity and biometrics solutions for travel. 

The Amsterdam-based company, founded by entrepreneurs and former executives at Booking.com, Vikas Bhola and Sebastian Honores, aims to revolutionise the travel industry by creating a platform that makes travel more seamless and connected for both travellers and providers.

NeoKe’s platform uses blockchain and cloud-based technologies to securely store and share users’ verified identification, giving travellers full visibility and control over their data. The platform will enable the possibility to have a personalised single traveller profile and streamline processes like check-in, guest verification, access control and data management for travel services.

“We finally have the technology to tackle this issue of making travel more seamless and connected,” said NeoKe CEO and co-founder Vikas Bhola. “In our modern age, nothing is more precious than one’s own data and identity. Sebastian and I are incredibly excited to be partnering with Dreamcraft, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE and Plug & Play to fulfil our vision of creating ‘the connected trip’ enabling secure, seamless and personalised information exchange spanning all stages, from planning and booking to the actual travel experience. 

The startup recently launched with two core products: Neoke Wallet, a digital wallet that allows travellers to securely store and share their personal data at their own discretion, and Neoke Connect, an identity management and automation platform for travel providers.

Data privacy is an increasingly high priority for consumers, and NeoKe’s innovative platform helps to safeguard users’ data, empowering each individual as the sole owner of their information. The funding will be used to further develop NeoKe’s technology and go-to-market initiatives as they pioneer innovations for digital identity in travel.

We’re thrilled to support NeoKe in its mission to create a safer and more convenient travel experience. Data breaches are happening at an increasing pace and there are clear regulatory tailwinds pushing companies to become better stewards of data and consumers want to regain control over their information. The travel use case is the perfect testing ground for a solution given the high friction, sensitive information and regulatory requirements involved.,” said Kenneth Dambo from Dreamcraft Ventures who is leading this round. “The potential of NeoKe’s technology is huge, and we’re excited to see the impact it will have on the travel industry.”

Founded in 2022, NeoKe’s co-founders bring over three decades of combined industry experience to the startup, and their growing team is uniquely positioned to pinpoint travel’s missing piece and build a platform to deliver solutions. The startup’s technology partner is Microsoft, they were also the global winners of Microsoft Hackathon last year.

NeoKe was the winner of last year’s FutureTravel Pitch Competition and received a prize package with a value of around €56k in credits, which included a spot in the Scaleway Growth Program valued at €36k, $10k in Freshworks credits for their product suite, and €9,9k in credits for an explainer video maker premium account of Simpleshow.

P.S. The application phase for this year’s FutureTravel Summit Pitch Competition is now open!

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