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Leuven-based DPhi picks up €300k to develop global AI marketplace

On a mission to develop a global community-based AI marketplace, DPhi has just secured €300k of fresh funding. The Leuven-headquartered startup is aiming to make AI education accessible to everyone. 

Artificial Intelligence is driving innovation and tech development across the world. It’s being harnessed to address some of the key challenges of today’s world, as well as make businesses and societies run more efficiently. It’s a tech development that we now rely on. 

Building a global AI marketplace to democratize how AI is used, DPhi has just secured €300k to expand. 

The Funding

The strategic seed funding was raised from Selçuk Boydak, a serial AI entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. 

Selçuk has been successfully building innovative companies for over 20 years, primarily in Switzerland, and is currently focusing on the global roll-out of a unique AI ecosystem.

Selçuk Boydak, said: “I am excited to join forces with DPhi, its visionary leaders and talented team. Together we will create the leading global AI community, educating and actively supporting the next generation of AI talents and entrepreneurs around the world”. 

DPhi is currently backed by Start it @KBC, Startup Chile, and Microsoft for Startups.

Global AI Community

Headquartered in Belgium and India, DPhi was born with the vision to make AI education accessible to everyone and build AI for good to solve key challenges of humanity.

 As part of its community initiatives, DPhi provides free AI and data science courses by industry experts from large tech companies or startups worldwide. Over 100K+ learners from 150+ countries have already benefitted since its 2020 launch. 

In addition to the valuable educational component ton the platform, DPhi also comprises a Crowdsourcing AI Platform which empowers the community members to apply their skills to solve real-world problems. It has fostered AI AI-driven innovation among several leading companies and solving meaningful problems, including predicting earthquakes to save lives, safeguarding NFTs, and building an AI-powered lens for the blind. Soon, the company will launch a global AI marketplace with ready-to-use AI solutions (algorithms) built by the best data scientists worldwide.

DPhi’s founder Chanukya, explained: “There is a significant vacuum in the industry as a result of which companies struggle to drive impact with AI projects. Organizations often find it hard to build robust AI expertise, and over 85% of projects fail to drive impact. Right now, the adoption of AI that we are seeing is just due to the application of AI at large tech companies. We are yet to harness the full potential of AI across industries and companies of all sizes.  As AI is rapidly evolving, its education, awareness and adoption of development practices are more important than ever for each one of us. With DPhi, we aim to prepare the world for the AI era by educating and building AI for the people, by the people.”

Making AI Accessible 

DPhi was recently included in the Startup Chile programme, supported by the Chilean government, giving the team a foothold in another continent. It means now they have the chance to establish a strong presence and carry out an AI strategy in the underserved Latin American region, in addition to the home bases of Europe and India. 

Chanukya added: “Today, every company is a tech company. Soon, every company will be AI-driven, and DPhi will equip them with AI essentials. We were humbled by the interest from a few notable investors and delighted to close this particular strategic investment. It is extremely relevant to us, aligns with our community-driven approach, and allows us to expand rapidly. Selçuk’s business leadership and our collaboration with his Swiss AI scale- ups will enable us to surge our impact in shaping the future of the AI ecosystem.”

As part of this strategic investment, DPhi will intensify its collaboration with the Swiss scale-up companies  AI Business  School and Global AI  Hub to create a unique global  AI ecosystem. The joint mission is to prepare the world for the AI era and develop the next generation of AI entrepreneurs and changemakers

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