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Arbolus picks up €14 million in its mission to make human knowledge digital

UK-Spanish startup Arbolus has just secured about €14 million of fresh funding to digitise offline human knowledge. The funding for the knowledge-sharing platform was led by Element Ventures alongside existing investors Fuel Ventures. 

Founded in 2018, Arbolus is transforming a previously offline and closed-network industry into a digital open ecosystem. The platform opens up offline human knowledge using machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to do so. 

Its disruptive technology helps clients source the right industry professionals and enables multiple methods of gathering information and unique data points. While market research and alternative data platforms index published information, Arbolus is making previously offline human knowledge available for the first time. This accessibility helps large businesses source the right data and knowledge to be the best informed. 

Sam Glasswell, CEO and co-founder of Arbolus said: “The traditional model for knowledge sharing lacks innovation and is cost-prohibitive to scale. At Arbolus we’re building a platform that breaks that framework and gives professionals more autonomy. We are driven by the mission of making the world’s offline knowledge digitally accessible to a much wider customer base. We want to index the world’s human knowledge and make that widely searchable for the first time”.

This new funding boost comes on the back of an exciting year for the startup which has offices in London, Barcelona, New York and Delhi. Over the past 12 months, Arbolus has seen revenue triple and the team double in size to 100. The company is used by Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates trusted to source the right data and knowledge to uncover trends ahead of the competition.

The capital injection will help Arbolus meet growing customer demand, develop further products and continue its disruption of knowledge sharing. Steve Gibson from Element Ventures added: “Arbolus are successfully disrupting one of the largest remaining analogue markets. The early client validation has been nothing short of exceptional. The vision, credibility, expertise and passion provided by founders Sam and Will was compelling from our first meeting.”

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