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Barcelona-based Taclia secures €6.2 million for its digital management platform for SMEs

Aiming to make everyday work easier for SMEs, SaaS startup Taclia has developed a solution that digitises daily management processes. The Barcelona-based startup has now secured €6.2 million to scale. 

For smaller businesses, going digital can present a huge challenge. There are a range of software options out there, and knowing which ones to use, how to integrate them and how to manage a myriad of services comes with a lot of investment of time and money.

Taclia, a startup which offers an all-in-one free management platform, has just secured €6.2 million to scale its modular solution.

The funding was led by Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital.

Alex Casals, founder and CEO of Taclia: “Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital have identified Taclia’s strong potential, encouraging us to continue working to make our platform the perfect ally for businesses – easy-to-use and fully customizable.” 

Based in Barcelona, Taclia’s SaaS platform is tailored to SMEs and covers all relevant functions from scheduling, to invoicing. Millions of these small enterprises, which make up the base of Europe’s economic activity, are still managed on spreadsheets and manual processes. Taclia proposes an all-in-one solution to digitisation.

The platform sets itself apart by providing a modular solution, making it fully customisable to the requirements of each individual business and user across different sectors.

Users of the tool can choose from various functionalities and only use the ones they really need. Acquiring more than 500 new customers per week, the company’s development is fueled by product led-growth, letting product usability drive engagement and value to customers without the need for a dedicated sales team.

The aim to is to make everyday work easier. Now, with this new funding, the young team plans to scale into new markets and further product development.

Maximilian Rowoldt, an investor at Cusp Capital: At Cusp Capital we follow the thesis that end-to-end software solutions will change the way SMEs operate for good globally. Taclia empowers SMEs across verticals that have been underserved by software in the past to get rid of undigitized processes and build new ways to interact with customers, suppliers and their workforce.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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