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European micro-mobility leader TIER glides into Italy as it acquires Wind Mobility Italy

The micro-mobility market is hotting up. Berlin-based TIER, one of the leader’s in the European micro-mobility market, has just announced its acquisition of Wind Mobility Italy, with e-scooters now available in Bari and Palermo.

This news comes just one month after the mobility innovators acquired nextbike. This year the company also expanded across Europe, including London and Stockholm, and closed a €172 million Series D funding round – all in the past 3 months. 

In this acquisition deal, TIER will acquire Vento Mobility Srl, the Italian subsidiary of Wind Mobility, marking a move into the Southern European space. Beginning in Bari and Palermo, the startup will then go on to expand into other Italian cities. The acquisition not only increases TIER’s footprint in Southern Europe but also adds the employees of Wind Mobility’s Italian subsidiary to its team of more than 1,000.

Wind Mobility first entered Italy with the launch of its operation in Milan in February 2020. Since then, Italy has become the biggest European market for the company. The e-mobility company was running a fleet of 4,500 e-scooters across 11 towns and cities in Italy.

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of TIER Mobility, said: “Through the acquisition of Wind Mobility, we are very pleased to launch TIER in Italy. We are excited to bring our mission to Change Mobility for Good to this new market and we look forward to providing the cities with low emission micromobility options and supporting them to move to a zero-emission future.”

Bari and Palermo in the south of Italy will be the first cities to offer the latest generation of TIER scooters. Everyone in Italy who rides a TIER e-scooter benefits from industry-leading safety features that minimise risks to riders and the public, including integrated helmets, turn signals on the handlebar and rear wing, as well as a large front wheel and triple brake.

With the launch of e-bikes and e-mopeds in several European countries, TIER is adding to its growing range of multimodal options, becoming one of the first European micro-mobility providers to offer its users three different types of vehicles in one app. The micro-mobility giant is now present in more than 165 cities in 18 countries and plans to expand further in 2022 in order to continue its mission to Change Mobility for Good.

In recent years, shared electric scooters and other micro-mobility modes have won a place in urban transport and become an increasingly important part of local transit, with TIER pioneering the sustainable transport revolution. TIER’s focus for the upcoming year is to significantly extend the company’s coverage in Europe and to accelerate its ambitious expansion into new markets worldwide.

The amount of the purchase price and further financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.​

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