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10 most popular interviews of 2020 on EU-Startups

As 2020 comes to a close, however tempting it is to not look back and charge forcefully into 2021, at EU-Startups we’re pausing to find some positive moments. Here we’ve collected together the 10 most-read interviews that we ran this year, which beyond being good reads, show the ingenuity, innovative nature and forward-looking attitudes of European entrepreneurs.

It’s no surprise that this list covers themes that are strongly related to the big trends of 2020, including: remote working, the future of coworking, blockchain, sextech, foodtech and sustainable food production, traveltech and virtual tourism. We hope that you enjoy (re)-reading these pieces, and that they spark some inspiration for your 2021 strategy.

“This crisis could lead to the beginning of a new era”: Interview with betahaus’s CEO, Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl

“The next Amazon and Google will come up from the blockchain space”: Interview with elrond’s CEO Beniamin

“We’re spearheading the Social Sex Revolution. The revolutionary part is not the sex, but the social”: Interview with MakeLoveNotPorn’s CEO and founder, Cindy Gallop

“Bitcoin will be a must-have asset in every investor’s portfolio in 2025”: Interview with Bitpanda’s CEO & co-founder Eric Demuth

“Our fintech community has come together to fight against COVID-19”: Interview with Head of Fintech District, Alessandro

“Remote-first working could be a paradigm shift similar to the industrialization age”: Interview with Doist’s Founder Amir Salihefendić

“Everyone can become a city farmer”: Interview with iFarm’s co-founder and CEO Max Chizhov

“We are seeing a real appetite for virtual tourism”: Interview with Culture Trip’s CEO Kris

“Business travel is on the rise – we’ve just experienced a delay”: Interview with TravelPerk’s co-founder and CEO Avi Meir

“Computer vision can have a big impact on the fashion industry”: Interview with FashionTech entrepreneur Svetlana Kordumova, CEO of Pixyle.ai



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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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