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Düsseldorf-based Cognigy secures €5.5 million Series A funding to expand its conversation AI technology to the US market

Cognigy, one of the leading enterprise software vendors for self-service conversational artificial intelligence automation, today announced its second round of financing. The company secured a €5.5 million Series A funding round led by technology venture capital groups DN Capital, Nordic Makers and Inventures. Cognigy is now poised to accelerate its expansion within the US market.

Companies need intelligent, integrated support services that can both automate processes and offer a seamless user experience. Cognigy leverages conversational AI automation to provide this service to major organisations, such as Bosch, Lufthansa and Henkel. This highly sophisticated technology seamlessly connects critical operational touchpoints through out-of-the-box integration to business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. Users can access real-time data through simple conversation. From customer service questions to high-level IT operations management, Cognigy offers a fast and efficient way to deliver results through the most natural channel: conversation.

Using Cognigy doesn’t require you to be a computer engineer, either. With its Low-Code Conversation Editor, Cognigy.AI enables citizen developers such as conversation designers and/ or project managers to easily implement cognitive bot interfaces. 

Cognigy, founded in 2016, has been recognized as a Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms” by Gartner. Today the company is in the process of an exponential expansion across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This includes doubling its current employee count and adding a strategic sales and marketing team based in the US.

Guy Ward Thomas, Investment Manager at DN Capital, explains: “Thanks to Cognigy’s conversational AI platform, companies in every industry can now automate highly complex customer support activities – without the challenges other chatbot tools include.” “Cognigy puts sophisticated, game-changing technology within easy reach,” he continues. “Organizations no longer need to struggle to find efficient and scalable ways to provide stellar customer experiences. We see a great future ahead.”

Dennis Walsh, President at Cognigy, Inc. says: “Cognigy’s technology is unique in the marketplace in that it actually delivers meaningful, measurable results, not just proof-of-concepts. As our story gets out, demand for our software has grown rapidly. This investment helps us scale our operations quickly to service the demand.”

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Charlotte Tucker
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