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10 Milan-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

When we think of Italy, we think of gelato, pasta, and pizza. But once Italians are finished  with their “dolce far niente”, they can be really good entrepreneurs.

Milan, a major hub for startups, innovation and technology in Italy, is the hometown of the following 10 startups, which we can expect to make headlines in 2019. 

Fresco Frigo – Founded in 2018, Fresco Frigo combines the needs of healthy eating with the convenience of delivering high-quality healthy meals. With a structure identical to that of a refrigerator, Fresco Frigo is basically a smart vending machine filled with energy bars, fresh salads, wraps, yogurts, cold-pressed juices, soups and fruits. Perfect for offices, hospitals, gyms or residential complexes, Fresco Frigo is your daily dose of healthy food, everywhere you go. 

Beesy is a digital financial management solution for small businesses and freelancers. Founded in 2018, Beesy is the first company in Italy founded by FinLeap, a company builder for fintech companies, with Fabrick as lead investor and Banca Sella as a first banking partner. Designed as a digital banking solution, Beesy offers multi-banking services and tools for accounting, payments and analysis, as well as tax advice.

Quomi offers a delivery service that allows customers to receive a weekly box with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients conveniently to their doorstep. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Quomi offers a ton of recipes on their website, and customers can choose a set of them, have them delivered at a time suitable for them, follow the illustrated instructions on the cards and simply enjoy cooking.

Sweetguest is a proptech company specializing in property management and AirBnB renting. Founded in 2016, they aim to facilitate and optimize the management of short rentals by offering the following services: online advertisement, reservations, cleaning and maintenance, welcoming guests, laundry, professional photoshoot, etc. So far they have raised €10 million to maximize the profits of short term rentals and Airbnb selected them as its first Italian “Professional Co-Host”.

Yolo – Founded in 2017, Yolo is a digital insurance brokerage app which helps consumers access on-demand insurance policies for travel, items, health, people, and even pets. The app allows instant and pay-per-use products on a daily or monthly basis. The startup has so far raised €6 million in order to redesign the distribution model and the insurance offer we were used to. 

EatsReady is a mobile ordering service founded in 2017, which allows users to discover the best restaurants in the city, consult their menus, pre-order and pay, receive premium offers and skip the line using the exclusive in-store preferential lines. Additionally, through its loyalty program, customers earn points for every action taken and for every challenge completed. A little bit of gamification for your next lunch break.

FreedaMedia – Dubbed the “media phenomenon of 2017” and the “reference point for young women on social networks”, Freeda Media is a media company that produces content aimed at millennial women for distribution on social media sites. Freeda’s interviews, short videos and articles on women’s achievements, personal style and sisterhood serve as an inspiration to an entire generation of millennial women. Currently, Freeda’s FB page boasts over 2.8 million fans, and it has 2.1 million Instagram followers.

TeiaCare is a digital assistant for nurses and health professionals, which provides Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring (CFCM) for post-acute hospital patients and nursing home residents. Founded in 2015, TeiaCare is aimed at improving patients’ safety, and release the burden on caregivers, by providing them with insights and multiple smart alerts, reposition reminders and reports. The digital health startup is backed by angel and VC investment.

Credimi is a fintech startup that provides a digital platform for the instant financing of trade invoices, where business can easily cash invoices in less than 48 hours, without fixed costs, bureaucracy or useless paperwork. Seen as an alternative channel for liquidity, Credimi has so far provided over €500 million to more than 3,500 companies. Founded in September 2015, has raised €18 million so far to expand digital lending in Europe.

ProntoPro – The gig economy has become an integral part of our society, and independent workers for short-term engagements are in high demand. In Italy, you can find them on ProntoPro, a marketplace for professionals. If you need anything from a painter to a guitar teacher, just fill in the details of the job you want to commission and you will receive customized quotes. On the other hand, freelancers can use as a job portal and increase visibility.

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Bojana Trajkovska
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