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Greek startup Loceye secures €300K investment to further develop and launch its eye-tracking technology

The Greek startup Loceye just secured a €300.000 investment by Velocity.Partners to further develop and market its innovative online eye-tracking study service. Loceye intends to use the funding to grow its team, further develop its product, and to enter the market very soon.

Founded in 2017, Loceye is a platform that allows media companies, agencies, marketing professionals, designers and all participants in the design, UI, and UX process to perform online tracking studies which precisely determine where, when and for how long the user focuses on elements on their screen.

One of the key issues for anyone who designs or develops webpages, online shops or applications is to know for certain what the end-users will see and on what elements of the screen will they precisely focus on or, conversely, what elements might be just ingnored because of bad design choices or other issues.

Loceye solves this problem via an online platform without the need for extensive lab work and elaborate equipment allowing anyone to receive results from hundreds or even thousands of test-users within very little time, at a fraction of the existing cost and at an extremely high level of detail.

Through these results, Loceye partners can make data-driven decisions taking advantage of its rich analytics suite and removing uncertainty as most online solutions available have heretofore focused on recording mouse movements and clicks providing indirect insights.

Loceye was founded by 4 Electrical Engineers at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki when co-founder and CEO Konstantinos Alexoglou was researching User Experience as part of his course internship. Identifying his own need for a low cost online eye-tracking study solution he himself wanted to perform he brought together his founding team which has experience on product designing and software engineering to solve the problem .

The young company has already been awarded at several innovation competitions such as Startup Europe Awards (Creative), ACT Pappajohn business plan Αwards, Cosmote Hackathon & Ennovation.

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Thomas Ohr
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