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Meet Desolenator – the London-based cleantech startup which just won the Technology Development Award

Desolenator is a UK-based cleantech startup founded in 2012 that brings a new and patented solar driven desalination device to the market. It provides a family of up to 5 people with enough water for their daily drinking and cooking needs. The company’s goal is to provide families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. The technology has the potential to provide water independence for up to a billion people living in coastal and water stressed areas – using the power of the sun alone.

According to United Nations water scarcity already affects every continent. Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of physical scarcity, and 500 million people are approaching this situation. Another 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world’s population, face economic water shortage. Almost three-quarters of this world we inhabit is covered in water, the vast majority of which is undrinkable salt water. This is the problem which Desolenator is looking to solve.

The product is able to take the solar radiation that hits the surface of the system and harness ALL of it. It can produce around 15 litres of clear water a day. Unlike reverse osmosis systems that are expensive, have consumables and which are usually powered by fossil fuels or solar stills which have a low yield, Desolenator is robust, energy independent and has no moving parts. During its lifetime the product will desalinate water at a lower cost per litre than any system at this scale available on the market today.

CleanEquity Monaco 2016 is the forum for emerging cleantech and resource efficiency companies, hosted by Innovator Capital and the Monaco Economic Board with the Awards Ceremony in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. An independent panel of judges recently selected Desolenator as winner of the award for Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Development.

The London-based startup also secured about $167K last year in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Check out the video below to learn more about Desolenator:

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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