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Eye-tracking startup Braingaze raises €336K to fuel growth

The Barcelona-based eye-tracking startup Braingaze just secured €336,000 of public and private money in the company’s first pre-seed round of funding since its inception in September 2013. The fresh capital will be used primarily for R&D, product development, patent expansion, product regulatory compliance, and the development of the firm’s clinical trials programme in Europe and the US.

Braingaze develops next-generation eye tracking software that predicts and identifies personal behavior for clinical and commercial applications. Braingaze has currently several applications under development for its software, ranging from the diagnosis of attention / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to analyses of consumer preference and video game navigation. For more info about what Braingaze does, check out the video below this article.

Right now, the Braingaze team includes seven people and has recently completed a move to larger offices within its incubator Tecnocampus Mataró’s premises, just outside Barcelona. Across Business Partners mobilised the private funds for this round, whilst the Spanish government’s NEOTEC programme for tech startups also contributed. Notably, Braingaze founders Laszlo Bax and Hans Super have also increased their investment at the same valuation offered to the new investor, signalling the founders’ confidence in the potential for future value growth.

Braingaze co-founder Laszlo Bax stated: “We take an Open Innovation approach each time we explore a new potential application for the Braingaze intellectual property,” he continued: “In practice, that means we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best and most innovative organisations and individuals from a number of fields. I’m confident that this new investment will enable us to develop both our business and our product, and thus pave the way for further exciting collaborations in the near future.

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