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Portuguese daily deals website Mygon expands with €600K seed financing

Mygon, a new player in the daily deal business market, was launched last April. Pumped with €600K seed financing, Mygon is targeting the Portuguese market with its location-based daily deals, focused on reaching 200,000 users that can take advantage of more than 1,000 merchants’ offers.

Mygon offers its users discounts that are valid for today; this is a lastminute.com approach that can really take advantage of merchants’ surplus or low demand products. Then users don’t need to pay for the offer unless they actually use it at the merchant’s location.

It is not uncommon for merchants switch to Groupon to Mygon; it’s been said by some merchants that it’s a better and more sustainable experience. Today, if you take a city like Porto in Portugal, there are more opportunities available on Mygon than on Groupon, if this says anything.

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Reinaldo Ferreira
Reinaldo Ferreira
Reinaldo Ferreira is a serial entrepreneur and investor in technology companies. He lives in Porto and writes mostly about Portuguese startups and technology topics.


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