StartupHighway + Huge Thing are hosting a demo day in London


Meet 12 startups from Lithuania and Poland

Today two seed funds and accelerators from CEE region – StartupHighway and Huge Thing are hosting their demo day at Google Campus, where they will show case 5 startups from Lithuania and 7 from Poland.

StartupHighway is a mentorship-driven and 100% funded by angel investors accelerator which just completed its second batch of the teams. During past 12 months StartupHighway accelerated 10 companies, 50% of start-ups from 2011 batch got funded. This year the teams are stronger as they’ve already attracked more potential investors.

Huge Thing is a 6 months two-phase mentor-driven acceleration program. During first 3 months teams get intense entrepreneurship training. The training pillars are Entrepreneurship, Strategy, People, Money, Sales and Marketing. Teams with the help of mentors validate their business model and create Minimum Viable Product. For the following 3 months the teams with the Huge Thing funding work on the products, establish key partnerships, acquire first customers and generate revenue. After the program, the teams’ goal is to be an investable venture – ready for outside investment for scaling proven business model. And here’s the lineup:

StartupHighway teams

Place I Live is the time saving based web solution for the home owners, sellers, buyers empowering of making smart decisions related to the real estate. It is relevant, objective, and systematic information about real estate quality (description about property, crime data, distances to important locations, ratings of the schools, taxes and fees, real estate transactions, etc.) and tools to manage it. Since beta lunch on July 2012, has visited more than 9,000 users. Business model vary from advertising, partnerships to provision of the information services business-to-business. Potential market is about 20 million in east Europe.

Responsell is a proposal management tool with creatives in mind. The tool is aimed at simplifying and optimizing proposal generation processes. ResponSell directly addresses the main issues most sales teams face and offers an ultimate solution for solving them in one simple and easy to use tool. Using ResponSell creative agencies and freelancers will be able to save time, money and reduce hassle generating proposals.

TV Backstage is a second screen solution for news and gossips about the people on the TV screen. While the users watch TV, we provide them with news about their favourite celebrities and athletes, straight to the iPad (and other Tablet Computers soon). Our shot-term plans are to launch the service in UK market. is a smart phone application for events (festivals or conferences) to help attendees with planning, orientation and social experience within an event. We are developing a self-care system which enables any event organizer to have an application and engage his attendees.

eGlesum generate leads on their behalf, and distribute them according to the region they work in. We offer per-lead pricing, so companies can be assured that they are paying for real results, and not for abstract advertising. For consumers, on the other hand, we save time by providing only a short form to fill out, and sending their info to 5 companies in the area. Companies then compete for the order themselves.

Huge Thing teams

Pocademy is a platform where anyone can learn how to play poker in a fun and engaging way. We offer our students interactive courses. They play specially designed poker hands on virtual tables – during the game we give them tips in strategy. We turn students into winning players! They are also motivated by a system of badges and can collect up to $50 of starting capital in any of our participating Poker Rooms.

MoodUp is a set of mobile apps that prepare children for visiting a doctor. At first MoodUp focuses on a problem of dentophobia – because meeting a dentist and oral hygiene is the biggest problem for most kids. It is a user-friendly tool that explains everything about visiting a dentist and everyday tooth decay prevention. The application will be soon available in the AppStore. Within a year you will find MoodUp on iPads in the waiting rooms of modern dental clinics in Europe and USA. MoodUp has been created by Ola & Pawel – modern parents, young entrepreneurs.

Whalla is a cool new events sharing application. Whalla helps people share their experiences from all kinds of events. Shared, crowd-sourced albums full of pictures and video from people who don`t know each other. Just like at a real concert or at a real conference! No need to force a ‘friend’ or a ‘like’ on anyone. Visit for more details and a chance to signup for our BETA version!

Subscrea is a turn-key platform for setting up a subscription-based business in less than a minute. We provide our customers with a user-friendly shop creator with fully integrated recurring payments application. Our platform has everything that is needed to run a subscription business. Retailers using Subscrea can focus immediately on customer acquisition which saves their money and shortens time to market.

Lorneta is a new way of advertising online. When paid access to premium content becomes more and more criticized by quick quiz-like ads we offer an engaging way of audience monetization for publishers, effective channel for advertisers and free access to quality content for users. Thanks to this simple solution we increase ad awareness and increase revenue for publishers. Lorneta – advertising with love.

Sellbox is a service which allows you to sell any file that you have in your Dropbox (worlds’ most popular file sharing service). After signing up with a Dropbox account, you are able to pick a file you want to sell, add description and price. Sellbox generates a link for you which enables your customers to buy your file and pay by PayPal. With PayPal and Dropbox integration selling files just got easier than ever before! Sellbox – selling as simple as sharing.

Transparent Choice is an online application for collaborative decision making. It helps teams in organizations to resolve conflicts and make informed choices faster. The product is scalable and offered in SaaS model. It addresses a large B2B global market as people in organizations make important decisions all the time. Software is based on Analytic Hierarchy Process – scientifically proven methodology that was developed on Wharton School of Business. Transparent Choice will help your team to reach consensus, save time and make better choices.

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