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KLASH launches: Are you ready to challenge your friends?

KLASH launches: Are you ready to challenge your friends?

KLASH, a mobile app that aims to combine ‘fun’ with ‘competition’, has just been launched.

The app of the Berlin-based KLASH-team allows you to challenge or dare your friends in anything, prove it with pictures and share the experience. Have you ever challenged someone to stop smoking, drink more beers, run a marathon, walk around in a mankini or even dared a friend to pick up more girls or guys on a bar night out? Probably most of us shared similar fun experiences and even much crazier ones. KLASH provides a platform solely designed for this purpose.Leveraging from Facebook´s open graph, the iPhone app makes it easy to “klash” your friends. Simply pick a friend from your Facebook friends list, be a little crazy and creative to define your Klash, and set a fun reward. Get your friends to support and root for either side, post comments, add proofs and share the fun in your community. It is up to you if you want to challenge a friend or even the whole world.

“It was a surprise to see how easy it is to create an audience around the ‘Klash’, Facebook’s open graph is perfect for apps like this” one says Emiliano Saurin (one of the founders). His colleague Baris Tamer adds to that: “The peer pressure that is created from the community is an amazing engine that gets people out of their comfort zones.”

Getting out of their comfort zone is nothing new to the founding team. The five co-founders are originally from Austria, Argentina, Germany, Italy and Turkey. They first met in Barcelona at ESADE Business School where they were all studying. After the idea of KLASH was born, they decided to move to Berlin and make it happen.

What the KLASH-team stated about its startup-phase: ”We sold one car and took the other in order to get here. It was not easy but after we had the team in place we could start our bootstrapping adventure. In the end its all about those challenges in life”.

“As the social networks and mobile phones connect us with our friends, we still do not engage with them in real life experiences. With Klash we want to change that by keeping the product design simple, straightforward and intentional.” explains Roland Heuger, a co-founder, frontend developer and the UI/UX superhero of KLASH.

If you are still not quite sure what KLASH is all about, check out their launch-video below this article:


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