iZettle announces beta-launch in Denmark, Norway & Finland


iZettle, the social payments startup out of Sweden we first introduced you to on August 2011, today announced it’s Nordic beta-launch – which will start by tomorrow. The young company, which has often been described as the European answer to Square, will be releasing 5,000 iZettle-chip-card readers each in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The free app and chip-card reader of the Stockholm based startup lets anyone take payments anytime, anywhere using their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iZettle has raised €8.2 million ($11.2 million) in venture funding (October 2011) and shortafter announcedizettle-chip-card-reader the end of its test phase and the start of commercial availability in Sweden (November 2011). iZettle’s CEO and co-founder, Jacob de Geer, just stated that roughly six months after the Swedish launch, iZettle is counting 25,000 active registered users. In order to use the mobile payment solution of iZettle, there is no set up fee or monthly fee that has to be paid. iZettle only charges it’s user 2.75% of the sale plus €0.15 per transaction.

Find out more about this promising European provider of Mobile card payments and check out the following video: