Live music: Jenkatehdas has received initial funding


Jenkatehdas, the young Finnish company behind, has recently received an initial funding from Tekes and the two business angels Jyrki Kontio and Topi Löppönen. The amount of the angel investments was not discoled yet, but we know that Tekes has put 140,000 Euro of “project money” into the startup. According to Antti Eronen (CEO, Jenkatehdas) the startup is looking forward to do another angel round in the beginning of 2012, once it has successfully proven its concept.

The Finnish startup Jenkatehdas speeds up its growth through the new funding and is rolling out an international website for Popkomm 2011 in Germany. Jenkatehdas upcomming service aims to offer a unique way of delivering live music on the Internet to a diverse audience. Its concept allows music lovers to get a more personal and interactive experience by watching their favorite bands play live in recording studios and taking part through the service.

“One half great music, the other half being with good friends. That’s what we’ve aimed at since the beginning. After a long pioneering work it feels great to take the service to the next level – both in terms of customer experience and business concept”, says CEO Antti Eronen.