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Spanish startup MedTep aims to build the ‘LinkedIn for the medical world’

During our recent trip to Barcelona, we had the chance to talk to the founders of MedTep. Pablo Pantaleoni and Jacob Suñol are aiming to build the ‘LinkedIn for the medical world’, a safe venue where patients, doctors and medical suppliers can interact.

Let’s face it – most doctors in Europe still manage patient health records in offline, paper form. This complicates the possibility of sharing health records with patients or with other doctors (e.g. when a patient moves). MedTep has created a safe and stable online solution for this problem. In addition to regular health records, MedTep also allows the storage of data like X-Rays and ultrasound images. With a login code, which patients will receive from their doctors, they can log in to MedTep and access to their records. MedTep charges doctors a monthly fee to use the service, at a price lower than competitors.

Over the last few months, Jacob and Pablo have been creating a new version of MedTep, which is currently being tested by a number of medical professionals. The MedTep team, which consists of three people right now, is already establishing and building its contacts in the medical field to improve the product according to real medical staff feedback. Once this product refinement stage is complete, the official launch of MedTep will take place in the fourth quarter of 2011, likely around September.

MedTep will be available in English and Spanish from the beginning, with the next language versions on the cards being German and French. It’s worth noting that one of MedTep’s challenges in the future when its comes to internationalization will be country specific regulations.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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