Social communication app: Yuilop raises €1 million


The Barcelona based startup Yuilop informed us today, that they have secured 1 million Euro in seed funding from Nauta Capital. The young company is led by the German CEO Jochen Doppelhammer and has recently launched its innovative mobile communication service in Germany. The service is based on an app that provides smartphone users with free mobile entertainment. The application supports a variety of channels (yuilop SMS, Facebook Chat and yuilop-to-yuilop) that enables its users to communicate with their contacts – entirely independently from wireless carriers. The next step will be a service wich enables free calls between users.

Yuilop was founded by Antonio Brusola, Julian Moreno Beltran and Jochen Doppelhammer in November of 2010. Nauta capital, the investor of Yuilop, has offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Boston (USA). The venture capital firm is specialized in technology, media and telecommunication investments.


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