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87 Top Health Care Startups and Companies in The Netherlands (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best healthcare companies based in The Netherlands. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Health Care industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Health Care Startups in The Netherlands

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Castor champions the synergy of clinical research and technology to enhance human healthspan. Our mission is to democratize patient-centered clinical trials globally, accomplished through harnessing technology to streamline research data.

ONWARD is a medical technology company creating innovative therapies to restore movement, function, and independence in people with spinal cord injuries. They builds on more than a decade of basic science and preclinical research conducted at the world’s leading neuroscience laboratories.

Neogene Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotech company developing engineered T cell receptor (TCR) therapies for solid cancers. With locations in Santa Monica, CA, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the company aims to revolutionize solid cancer treatment.

Mimetas is dedicated to advancing innovative therapies through the use of physiologically relevant 3D human disease models. Their mission involves partnering with pharmaceutical companies to develop treatments for previously untreatable diseases.

Aidence is committed to harnessing power of data for disease prevention, management, and treatment. They specialize in translating complex data science into practical solutions to support physicians. Their mission is to empower healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals with AI.

uniQure is at the forefront of gene therapy, offering single treatments with curative potential. They use a modular and validated technology platform to swiftly develop a range of gene therapies for severe genetic diseases, both proprietary and in collaboration with partners.

Virtuagym is a prominent tech company that offers innovative fitness software for gyms, personal trainers, and corporate health services. Since 2008, they evolved into a comprehensive solution for client coaching, membership management, billing, scheduling, and access control.

Merus is dedicated to developing leading-edge therapeutics for the treatment and potential cure of cancer patients. Their primary approach involves the use of Biclonics® format, which can target tumors in multiple ways.

Rockstart is an early stage VC- accelerator that empowers purpose-driven founders across three domains: Energy, AgriFood and Emerging Technologies. Rockstart invests in early-stage startups and provides access to capital, market, and expertise by connecting founders with co-investors.

SkinVision  is committed to advancing skin health care by expanding its ecosystem. Their goal is to enhance patient-doctor value and eliminate skin cancer mortality globally. They have a mission to save the lives of 250,000 people in the coming decade.

M-TIBA is a leading financing and technology platform for health insurers developed In Kenya. It makes it easier to buy and administer health insurance, which is improving healthcare access and affordability for millions of customers in Africa.

Siilo, established in 2016 and based in Amsterdam, is a secure and GDPR-compliant medical messaging app. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals and teams, enhancing patient care and knowledge sharing while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

myTomorrows is a platform designed to assist patients and physicians in discovering and accessing treatments in development. They conduct global database searches and offer personalized Treatment Search Reports, listing potential options like clinical trials and expanded access programs for patients and healthcare providers.

Fagron is dedicated to personalizing health treatments by providing Pharmaceutical Compounding and Sterile Outsourcing Services. Pharmaceutical compounding enables pharmacists and prescribers to tailor medication to meet individual patient needs, ensuring a more personalized approach to healthcare.

Vico Therapeutics is focused on advancing RNA modulating therapies for individuals with severe genetic neurological disorders. They are initially concentrating on spinocerebellar ataxia types 3 and 1 and Huntington’s disease.

Nicolab’s StrokeViewer® technology offers rapid and accurate image analysis for time-critical stroke cases, aiding physicians in making informed decisions. It reduces human error and supports timely interventions, ultimately improving patient care in the complex realm of stroke management.

Incision is a rapidly expanding platform that enhances surgical performance and provides online training for surgical professionals. Their mobile app serves as a “digital assistant,” facilitating visual learning, preparation, and team alignment, ultimately empowering surgical teams to achieve their best performance.

ProQR Therapeutics is dedicated to changing lives through its Axiomer RNA-editing platform technology. With a passionate and innovative team, they aim to create a significant impact on patients’ lives and their communities by pioneering new therapies and technologies.

Founda facilitates collaboration and innovation in healthcare by providing a platform that seamlessly exchanges data between healthcare IT systems and external applications. They introduce a platform-based approach, offering scalable infrastructure and standardized integrations for healthcare entities

NorthSea Therapeutics is a significant player in the Western European downstream oil industry, specializing in the storage, distribution, international trading, and sale of mineral oils and biofuels. Their integrated approach covers various aspects of the downstream oil market in the region.

Microsure specializes in high-precision microsurgical robots to aid microsurgeons. Their technology enhances the capabilities of supermicrosurgeons by enabling precise operations on sub-millimeter anatomical structures, improving comfort, and concentration during procedures.

ViCentra, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is a pioneering medical device company established in 2013. They specialize in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing the Kaleido insulin pump, offering individuals with diabetes greater flexibility in managing their condition and living life on their own terms.

ScreenPoint is a prominent company specializing in image analysis and machine learning solutions to enhance the early detection of breast cancer. A spin-off from Radboud University in Nijmegen, their product, Transpara, utilizes advanced machine learning, including Deep Learning.

SkylineDx is on a mission to enhance patients’ quality of life by providing personalized genomic insights into their disease. They are dedicated to continuous innovation in gene signature-based diagnostic testing, aiming to make a significant difference in healthcare by leveraging genomic information.

Sensara offers data-driven insights to caregivers, enabling them to deliver top-quality care. Their smart monitoring solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare staff, enhancing the overall caregiving experience.

Clear.bio is a healthtech startup based in Amsterdam, founded in 2019 by Piet Hein van Dam and Madelon Bracke. Their mission is to assist individuals with type 2 diabetes in becoming the best and healthiest version of themselves, using data instead of medication and leveraging the latest technology and nutritional science.

NutriLeads is at the forefront of innovation in the functional food, beverage, and supplements industries, providing clinically proven, plant-based precision prebiotic ingredients that promote human health and well-being.

Cass is an AI chatbot designed for psychological support, engaging patients in text-based conversations via HIPAA compliant messaging apps. It initiates conversations with a simple “How are you?” and continues in a manner similar to talking to a psychologist or coach, providing a supportive and therapeutic interaction.

Azafaros is a biotech company led by a team of industry professionals and scientists. They are focused on tackling rare genetic metabolic disorders using a pipeline of oral small molecules with disease-modifying potential. Their proprietary lead compound, AZ-3102, is based on discoveries from Leiden University and Amsterdam UMC.

Sirius Medical Systems, a spin-out from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Twente University, specializes in developing medical devices for oncological surgery. Their solutions are developed in collaboration with medical professionals who treat cancer patients daily.

Fitmo has translated the expertise and motivational qualities of health and fitness specialists into a digital service. Their approach combines subject matter knowledge with effective communication to inspire individuals to make positive changes in their behavior and improve their health and fitness.

RenalTracker is a digitally-driven program focused on promoting kidney health and delaying the need for dialysis. The program encompasses three key components: an evidence-based curriculum, behavior design strategies, and personalized 1-on-1 support from a health coach.

Advantis Medical Imaging is a trailblazing provider of cloud-based medical imaging software solutions. Their mission is to enhance the quantitative, accessibility, and automation of medical image analysis using AI and cloud technology, revolutionizing the field of medical imaging.

MedApp understands the importance of medication adherence for healthcare professionals. About forty percent of patients struggle with consistent medication use, often due to reasons like procrastination, forgetfulness, or insufficient supply.

Sustonable is leading a sustainable revolution in households with their innovative circular design surface. They’ve transformed decorative surfaces by using a unique blend of natural stone and recycled PET plastic, creating a conscious material for architectural and decor projects.

LipoCoat, a Dutch biotech company, specializes in bio-inspired coatings for enhancing the safety, comfort, and performance of medical devices, primarily in the health and nutrition sectors. Their pipeline includes programs in medical devices and drug discovery, spanning from discovery to pre-clinical stages.

QIAGEN is a prominent global provider of Sample to Insight solutions, facilitating the extraction of valuable molecular insights from various biological samples. Their sample technologies are designed for the isolation and processing of DNA, RNA, and proteins from sources like blood and tissues.

ORIGINi offers an extensive and adaptable Medical Data Infrastructure, equipping researchers and doctors with robust data processing and analysis capabilities to access advanced insights and facilitate seamless collaboration in the medical field.

Fortimedix Surgical is a medical device company challenging minimally invasive surgery norms. Their innovative devices aim to improve health outcomes and procedural efficiency, with locations in the Netherlands and the United States.

Protix Biosystems is driven to make a significant impact and actively seeks partnerships with like-minded companies and stakeholders. Their collaborative approach aims to strengthen their positive impact on nature and sustainability.

PEPSCOPE, an innovative biotech firm, offers phosphoproteomics platforms powered by QuantaKinome™ technology. These platforms help PKI developers identify protein kinase activities, facilitating the development of combination therapies, drug repurposing, and biomarker discovery in the biotechnology and precision medicine fields.

AlphaBeats’ approach to helping elite athletes get into a flow state is innovative and promising. The concept of using neurofeedback training combined with cognitive testing to control and optimize alpha brainwave activity is intriguing.


In Ovo offers a biotechnological solution to the poultry industry’s problem of culling one-day-old male chickens. Their gender screening technology enhances animal welfare, reduces stress, and improves energy efficiency, eliminating the need to cull and contributing to a more ethical and sustainable industry.

Nori Health aims to enhance the lives of those with chronic diseases by developing evidence-based digital therapies. Their mission is to provide personalized support, improving quality of life and reducing symptoms like fatigue, pain, and anxiety for individuals dealing with inflammatory conditions.

Audion Therapeutics is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative treatments for hearing loss. They are in the clinical stage of developing therapies to address this condition and dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs and delivery technologies.

Healthy Workers platform combines Building Analytics and ESG Performance to lay a solid foundation for intelligent, sustainable, and healthy real estate portfolios. It highlights the importance of timely, data-driven insights for successful real estate transformations.
Nemo Healthcare, stemming from Eindhoven University of Technology and a partnership with Máxima Medical Center, specializes in non-invasive electrophysiological fetal monitoring. They aim to offer obstetricians, gynecologists, and midwives advanced tools for assessing fetal wellbeing.

Diagnose.me is a Dutch-based platform connecting patients with top specialists worldwide for second medical opinions. Their mission is to make world-class medical advice accessible to all, emphasizing the importance of certainty in healthcare decisions.

Hamwells designs eco-friendly shower systems like “The Blue” that save water and energy while enhancing comfort. This innovation significantly reduces hot water use, lowers energy costs, and cuts CO2 emissions.

Synerkine Pharma B.V. focuses on development of novel fusion proteins, called Synerkines, that combine the immunoregulatory activity of different cytokines. These fusion proteins have unique benefits over the individual cytokines and modulate a broad number of targets, including key elements in the pain pathway.

BeSure Online is a digital health management platform for stroke prevention and rehabilitation. Using wearable devices, IoT and medical equipment, platform gathers information about patients conditions, including physiological data as well as data related to daily activities.

Skinive is dedicated to simplifying skincare for 2 billion individuals by offering a faster and more accessible way to assess skin health and beauty. Their smartphone app uses AI algorithms and the world’s largest dermatological database to analyze photos of skin pathologies, aiding in early detection and risk assessment of skin diseases.

ECG-Excellence advances healthcare with 3D imaging and software enhancements for 12-lead ECG devices, providing early detection and prognosis for heart diseases, including genetic and individual-specific conditions, and those linked to other ailments like diabetes. Their technology identifies issues before symptoms manifest.

Cassini is committed to advancing personalized and accurate ophthalmic solutions, working independently and with vision-care partners for more than a decade. Their goal is to make lifelong visual health accessible globally, emphasizing thorough and precise eye care.


MRIguidance is a medical imaging company focused on providing radiation-free bone imaging using MRI technology, combining physics and AI to reveal hidden information. Their commitment to patient care drives their mission to make this advanced imaging accessible and safe.


ELLOGON.AI specializes in personalizing cancer immunotherapy through data-driven methods, advanced algorithms, and collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Their deep learning approach enables the fast and precise quantification of critical biomarkers.


Toxys is a global leader in animal-free laboratory tests for safety evaluations in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and food. They specialize in genotoxicity, developmental toxicology, and mechanistic toxicity testing with assays like ToxTracker®, ReproTracker®, and ToxProfiler™.

DSM, now a part of DSM-Firmenich since May 9, 2023, is a global leader in health and nutrition with a strong focus on purpose. They apply bioscience to enhance the well-being of people, animals, and the planet. DSM’s mission is to create brighter lives for all by developing products and solutions that tackle global challenges.

IGEA Pharma, in partnership with DBK pharmaceutical, is a multinational organization dedicated to offering top-quality Dermo-Cosmetics products in Egypt. Their focus is on providing pharmaceutical-grade products that cater to a wide range of health and beauty needs, ensuring the highest quality for customers locally and internationally.

Enzyre, a spin-off from UMC St. Radboud, was established in March 2017 with a mission to create innovative diagnostic solutions for personalized medicine. They aim to develop a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform utilizing chemiluminescence to measure various enzymatic reactions.

Healthplus.ai offers artificial intelligence tools to individuals, professionals, and organizations to address medical and health-related challenges. Through collaborations with healthcare institutions and hospitals, they bring innovative solutions to real-life healthcare issues, contributing to improved medical and health practices.

Pact Care introduces a next-gen platform for seamless patient-provider interaction. It allows users to match with expert providers efficiently, exchange medical data securely, engage through automated chat interfaces, and coordinate healthcare teams for optimal care delivery.

Nanoparticles are the foundation of future technologies, offering design flexibility and access to quantum effects. This belief drives our commitment to a more sustainable future. They specialize in nanoparticle production and integration, pioneering advancements in this transformative field.

PulseCath BV, a Dutch medical device company established in 2007, specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing circulatory support systems. Their proprietary technology offers short-term circulatory support solutions for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, contributing to improved patient care in the field of cardiology.

Medvice is dedicated to simplifying clinic operations through user-friendly, intelligent cloud solutions that automate various clinical tasks. Their mission is to enhance patient focus during medical consultations, aid healthcare professionals in managing case histories and patient statuses.

In2Care BV, a Dutch-based private limited company, specializes in the development and promotion of science-based, cost-effective solutions to combat disease-transmitting mosquitoes. Their core technology involves static coated netting that effectively dispenses lethal doses of biocide powders to insects

Orikami, a Dutch MedTech organization, specializes in applied data science and the creation and integration of digital biomarkers to facilitate personalized healthcare for individuals dealing with chronic diseases. Their focus is on harnessing technology to improve the quality of care and management of chronic health conditions.

Winvision, it’s really about one thing – truly understanding what motivates people. Knowing exactly what our customers want and then offering the best ICT solutions for it. We believe that these solutions only emerge through collaboration. Winvision is the inspiring and strategic partner in this.

Omnicure offers a cost-effective tele-ICU solution for hospitals, founded with the vision of delivering immediate care to critically ill patients in any setting. Designed by intensivists, Omnicure retains essential features of traditional tele-ICU platforms.


Equipe Zorgbedrijven, an independent group of specialized clinics located throughout the Netherlands. Patients can come to them for both insured and uninsured care. They have short waiting times, provide excellent information, and prioritize thorough aftercare.


Landcent is dedicated to speeding up the battle against poverty-related diseases, beginning with malaria. They create and provide cost-effective, user-friendly products and solutions to empower underserved communities. Landcent is supported by the Gates Foundation and is a member of the WHO GCDPP.

Hy2Care® is a spin-off from the MIRA Institute at the University of Twente, a renowned institute in biomedical and chemical engineering. They’ve invested over 4 million EURO in developing a platform technology since 2007. Additionally, they’ve filed three patents in Europe and the US, with ongoing efforts to expand their intellectual property portfolio.

Px prioritizes Patient Experience for improved oncology outcomes, utilizing the OWise cancer patient support app platform. They employ a patient-centric approach to conduct nationwide, community-driven Real World Evidence studies, enhancing the understanding of cancer care and its impact on patients.

EW2Health BV is an innovative Dutch startup focused on data-driven solutions to enhance health. Their 2023 launch, Sinque™, is transforming weight loss programs with a patented cloud-based, AI-driven solution for stress-free monitoring and predictive behavioral analytics.

Smart Spinal Solutions introduces Lia, an AI-powered posture training system with predictive diagnosis, progress tracking, and customized workouts. Their mission is to eradicate bad posture and enhance overall functionality in individuals.


Medis Medical Imaging Systems BV is a top provider of cutting-edge software solutions for precise medical image quantification. They specialize in cardiovascular imaging software, spanning MRI, CT, X-ray angiography, and intravascular ultrasound modalities.


Detact is committed to bacterial detection for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They emphasize the importance of preventing bacterial contamination and offer reliable, affordable, easy, and fast bacterial detection solutions to support this goal.


Quantib is dedicated to solving complex challenges for radiologists, ensuring they can utilize their time effectively. They focus on unraveling disease secrets hidden in medical images and aim to support radiologists with fast and accurate AI software, enabling the detection of subtle changes within the human body, ultimately enhancing patient care.

MyLife Technologies in Leiden, The Netherlands, specializes in creating small ceramic skin patches for vaccine delivery, offering a more effective method compared to traditional needle injections into muscles. The skin, rich in immune cells, is better suited for handling vaccines to provide enhanced protection against infections.

Philips is driven by the purpose of enhancing people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. They aspire to positively impact 2.5 billion lives annually by 2030, with a focus on 400 million individuals in underserved communities. Their holistic approach to healthcare includes promoting a healthy lifestyle, enabling precise diagnosis

ORCA Therapeutics B.V. is a privately-funded biopharmaceutical company specializing in the design and development of oncolytic immunotherapies for cancer treatment, utilizing Oncolytic Replication Competent Agents (ORCA). They are dedicated to harnessing viruses to combat cancer.

Kaminari Medical addresses the issue of insufficient treatment for vulnerable plaque in coronary arteries, which can lead to costly and health-compromising re-catheterizations. In 2015, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) affected 110 million people and caused 8.9 million deaths globally.

NLC, the European Healthtech Venture Builder, is committed to promoting healthcare accessibility for all. They employ entrepreneurship on a large scale through their distinctive NLC approach to identify innovations, establish and back ventures, and bring them to patients.


Greenfood50, located in Wageningen, the Netherlands, is a leading expert in cutting-edge quinoa ingredients. Their proximity to Wageningen University & Research and global research organizations allows them to leverage the latest technologies and expertise. They provide a range of sustainably produced quinoa ingredients.

Organon is a global healthcare company with a diverse portfolio in women’s health, biosimilars, and established medicines. Their mission is to provide impactful healthcare solutions for improved well-being. Organon is a Dutch pharmaceutical company headquartered in Oss, the Netherlands.

Epinutra is a company focused on science-driven innovation in the realm of consumer healthcare, particularly for issues related to the mouth to stomach. Their initial product, benesco™, designed for reflux sufferers, is available through their distribution partner, Springfield Nutraceuticals.

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