Business Description
The Nº1 platform in the market providing Eye Care Professionals virtual technical support, calculation and ordering tools for specialty contact lenses management.
Long Business Description

CLAIRE is an Artificial Intelligence-based APPs platform that will help Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to minimize errors, increase their clinical portfolio and their patients' satisfaction when managing specialty contact lenses (CLs). We produce web aplications for several specialty contact lens brands available in the market.
Research has shown that ECP’s consider specialty CL management as being time-consuming (88%) and technically difficult (84%), which results in many lens changes (58%) leading to decreasing patient compliance. On top of that, 57% of inquired ECP’s do contact their supplier’s technical support on a regular basis.
Target Market:
- Our customers are the Eye Care Professionals (Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians) and the market potential is more than 11 million prescribed contact lenses per year
Income Strategy:
- We invest in more productive ways to accelerate app production and new product development.
Revenue streams:
- We charge up to 5,00 € per calculated lens to the eye care professionals.
- We negotiate advertising plans with the major players in the market
- Contact lens app production service (tailor made)
Customer acquisition strategy:
- We use the manufacturers or the distributors sales force when they use our apps as a marketing tool
- We engage additional customers during international events and meetings when exhibiting with our booth
- Social media and related publications advertising
Cost structure:
- Main costs are professional services (91%), Cost of Acquisition (7%) and Rent and Overheads (2%).
Team experience:
- Both founders have an extensive experience in the area! Rafael was the head of the technical support dept. of a contact lens manufacturer in Madrid. He was facing some challenges as his team was spending too much time with tech support leading to a strong decrease in efficiency and profitability. From Luis’ side, as a CL distributor, his customers often complained about the time they waste while fitting specialty contact lenses, which greatly limits his company's sales growth.
Market Impact:
- CLAIRE solutions will increase patient's compliance due to less lens changes.
- There is no need to return often to the physician’s office for additional lens changes.
- It will reduce travel within cities, pollution, absences from work and stress.
Impact metrics:
- Lens changes: - 60% // First fit calculation success rate: 77% // Success on renewals: 100% // LENS Exchange ratio: 1,258 // (18 months evaluation using our MVP)

Based in
Contact lenses, myopia, optometrist, ophthalmology
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K

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