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Framework’s vision of a business school for the startup generation gets €1.7 million kickstart

Framework, female-founded in London in 2020 by Asha Haji and Riya Pabari, has just been backed by high-profile tech leaders and investors to develop the world’s first on-demand business school, completely reimagining how people within the global startup economy learn and grow. 

Riya Pabari, Co-Founder at Framework said, “This raise means a lot to us. It’s going to give us the firepower we need to build a game-changing learning experience for a new generation of modern business leaders. But as two female founders of colour, it is also our chance to fly the flag for all of the incredible under-represented founders who deserve more attention from the VC community.”

Currently, tech startups are a driving force of economic growth worldwide, and are responsible for generating over €2 trillion in value. These companies are giving rise to a new generation of modern professionals who want to continuously learn, grow, and develop their skills, but are disengaged with outdated professional development schemes and traditional business school education systems. Framework is bringing an exciting new development, specifically catered for this cohort of people, through their mobile-first social learning solution. 

The London-based startup’s vision is to empower startup professionals with on-demand knowledge and networks to help them build world class teams, products and companies. Members will be able to learn directly from the world’s top tech operators, from companies including Slack, ASOS, Netflix and Flo Healtyh. 

The platform combines actionable bite-sized lessons, and live office hours sessions. There are also various community features to unlock the power of social learning. For example, members can make 1:1 connections with other users across the tech ecosystem. High-growth startups around the world will be invited to offer Framework membership as a unique perk for their employees. 

Asha Haji, Co-Founder at Framework said, “Our mission is to scale a new generation of tech leaders by building the go-to learning community for startups and scaleups around the world.”

This seed investment, which includes backing from LearnStart, LearnCapital, Evio, angel programmes from Atomico and Ada Ventures, as well as high-profile angel investors (inducing Brent Hoberman, Claire Novorol, Tom-Faster-Caster, Victoria van Lennep, and Aaron Mitchel), follows Framework’s spinout from the renowned Founders Academy . 

The funding will be used to productise and scale the cross-functional curriculum which has been developed in partnership with London’s leading tech scaleups, including Monzo and Depop. The platform already has more than 2,500 people on its waitlist ahead of their 2022 launch. 

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