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Fur-ward thinking: 10 of the most promising PetTech startups in Europe

In a time when the younger generation is increasingly choosing to be pet parents instead of having children, it’s no surprise that the pet care industry is going through a big change. Ingenious tech startups are leading this transformation. This mix of technology and pet companionship is changing how we take care of and spend time with our pets.

The pet care industry has always cared deeply about animals, and now it’s using technology to make things even better. Pets and their owners are benefiting in new and amazing ways. From ingenious health monitoring solutions to interactive playtime experiences, a wave of pioneering startups is carving out a niche that caters to the diverse needs of our furry friends, showing that the bond between us and our pets is stronger than ever.

On that note, we’ve carefully selected some of the most promising pet-tech startups founded between 2019 to 2023. Take a look at these 10 promising startups to get an understanding of what’s ‘hot’ in the PetTech scene right now, as well as get some ideas on how to treat your own furry friends at home.

felmoFelmo: Headquartered in Berlin, Felmo offer everything the modern pet parent needs to ensure the best care for their four-legged friends, a stress-free and convenient solution for veterinary services right at your home. Founded in 2019, Felmo aims to provide top-notch veterinary care for pets, ensuring their well-being and health. With a recent funding amount of €15 million, Felmo is dedicated to making pet healthcare accessible and hassle-free.

Dalma.Dalma: Operating from Paris, Dalma is on a mission to provide users with 100% digital, transparent, no-deductible subscription-based health insurance for pets that reimburses veterinary expenses in 48 hours! Since its inception in 2021, Dalma has been committed to reimbursing costs related to pet illnesses, injuries, and preventive care. With funding of €15 million, Dalma strives to give pet owners peace of mind through comprehensive pet health coverage.

EcoPetBoxEcoPetBox: Founded in 2019, and headquartered in Harjumaa, EcoPetBox offers an eco-friendly disposable litter tray for pets. Their commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with pet owners’ desire to minimize their ecological footprint. All their products are made from 100% recycled biodegradable paper. With funding of €500K, EcoPetBox provides a responsible solution for pet waste management.

LassieLassie: Stockholm-based Lassie revolutionized pet insurance by focusing on prevention, helping users to care for their pets before and after an injury occurs. Established in 2020, and backed by several of Sweden’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors, Lassie was the world’s first preventive pet insurance and companion services. With a funding amount of €13.5 million aiming to promote proactive pet care, ensuring pets lead healthier and happier lives.

PepettePepette: Founded in 2019, and headquartered in Paris, Pepette provides fresh meals with real organic ingredients, suitable for human consumption, and personalized to adapt to the needs of your dog or cat by a veterinary nutritionist. With a recent funding of €5.7 million, Pepette is dedicated to providing high-quality nutrition for pets with their home-delivered solution 

vetevovetevo: Headquartered in Berlin, vetevo is a holistic, and personalized pet care provider that supports pet owners in promoting their pets’ well-being and health. Founded in 2018, Its primary objective involves facilitating a happier and healthier existence for pets through a comprehensible, digitized approach, allowing pet owners to rediscover their pets’ inherent requirements. With a funding amount of €4 million, vetevo is actively contributing to a healthier lifestyle for pets.

Pethotel-ioPethotel: Launched in 2022, Pethotel is based in Helsinki, and serves as a marketplace for pet-sitting services. Pethotel believes that the personality, routines, habits and habits of each dog or cat are individual, so answering them is not always clear-cut. With that in mind, this platform offers a transparent presentation of grooming places so that pet owners can compare and find suitable and trustworthy accommodations for their furry companions. With a funding amount of €100K, Pethotel ensures that pets are well taken care of even when their owners are away.

ZoozyZoozy: Based in Warsaw, Zoozy is an innovative pet life assistant mobile app and tracker focused on monitoring pets’ activity and health. Established in 2020, strives to enhance pets’ quality of life through data-driven services, backed by over €90K in funding. Offering a health tracker with a built-in lighter for safe night walks, Zoozy aims to improve your dog’s longevity. The app translates movement and exercise into an activity score, and tracks sleep patterns, and interruptions. Within many of the app’s features, you can find a smart diary for centralized pet data storage, reminders, tags, files, and a diet calculator for adjusting portions based on changing pet data.

Good-Dog-FoodGood Dog Food: Headquartered in London, Good Dog Food aims to revolutionize the global pet food industry by substituting the conventional 20% consumption of meat and fish with sustainable, ethical, and nutritious cultivated meat. This new approach involves the production of genuine meat without the necessity of animal breeding or slaughter. The cultivated meat is derived from a minute collection of animal cells, which are nurtured with protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Founded in 2022 and with a funding amount of over €4 million, Good Dog Food is making strides in transforming pet nutrition.

ItchItch: Headquartered in London, Itch is all about personalized pet care. Established in 2018, Itch creates data-driven tailored subscription packs, to address each pet’s individual needs. Their mission revolves around the expulsion of pests and the preservation of pets’ health and happiness. Backed by a funding of €5.6 million, and with the collaboration of skilled veterinarians, they have meticulously crafted an array of intelligent products from tackling worms to fending off fleas and addressing matters of the digestive tract and dental hygiene, their comprehensive offerings cater to the needs of pets today and in the days to come.

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