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10 exceptionally promising French startups to watch in 2023 and beyond

2022 has been an overall good year for the French startup ecosystem, with funding activity reaching new heights despite the economic downturn. With access to one of the largest domestic markets in Europe and strong governmental support, the French startup scene has become a force to be reckoned with. Notably, Station F, the world’s largest startup facility, stands as a testament to France’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent.

The capital city, Paris, serves as a vibrant hub for startups, attracting international attention with prestigious events like Viva Technology. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, French startups have achieved notable milestones, with several becoming household names worldwide. With more than 20 unicorns like Qonto, Backmarket, and BlaBlaCar, the country showcases its ability to produce innovative and globally competitive ventures.

In light of these achievements and the immense potential exhibited by the French startup landscape, we decided to identify the 10 most promising early-stage startups from France that we believe are poised to make waves in 2023 and beyond. All companies soon to be introduced were founded between 2020 and 2023. Go ahead and have a look! We believe they all possess immense potential for an exciting future.

DFNSDfns: A Paris-based cybersecurity startup which was founded in 2020 and provides a custody SaaS protocol for web3 apps that ensures a secure cloud for crypto transactions. Their goal is to eliminate blockchain risks and vulnerabilities, making crypto transactions easier, faster, and more affordable. With over 100 registered companies, Dfns offers a developer-friendly API to deploy custodial wallets securely, powered by a keyless wallet generation process. DFns has so far raised a total of €13.82 million in funding.

Carbon maps logoCarbon Maps: Based in Paris, this startup was founded in 2023. They have developed a data-driven climate management platform for the food industry that aims to reduce the environmental footprint by analyzing data throughout the entire food chain, from farmers to consumers. Carbon Maps’ SaaS platform utilizes a science-based model, allowing agri-food industry players to swiftly and accurately assess the environmental impact of their products and raw materials. Impressive already, the startup has raised recently €4 million in funding.

dalma logo Dalma: Paris-based health insurance provider for dogs and cats, has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2021. The company’s primary mission is to offer pet owners transparent, 100% digital insurance with no deductible, providing coverage for veterinary expenses along with unlimited advice from veterinarians. Dalma aspires to be the preferred partner for pet parents and currently safeguards over 20,000 dogs and cats daily. Since its inception, the Dalma team has grown exponentially. So far, Dalma has successfully raised a total of about €17 million in funding.

qobra logoQobra: Founded in the city of Paris in 2020, Qobra is a software designed to simplify the process of calculating, adjusting, and approving sales commissions. This innovative company aims to boost the motivation and performance of sales representatives by providing them with real-time visibility into their commissions. Their software automates the commission process, allowing representatives to efficiently meet their targets and drive revenue growth. Qobra has so far raised €5.1 million in funding to further its mission of enhancing sales compensation for businesses.

defacto logoDefacto: Founded in 2021, Defacto is a fintech company headquartered in Paris. It specializes in providing credit infrastructure to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe. Their primary mission is to fuel the growth of SMEs by collaborating with B2B marketplaces and fintechs to offer financing solutions to their users, buyers, or sellers. Through its API, the company enables instant embedded lending, giving businesses in the new real economy access to the necessary capital. With a strong commitment to supporting the growth and success of SMEs, Defacto has secured a total funding amount of €21 million.

umiami logoUmiami: Founded in 2020 and also headquartered in Paris, France, Umiami is a food-tech startup dedicated to reducing meat consumption through the development of plant-based food technology. The fast-growing company offers a diverse range of plant-based whole-cuts that utilize plant proteins to create alternatives that closely mimic the taste, texture, and aroma of meat. Umiami’s mission is to provide the next generation of plant-based meat options that are not only delicious but also healthy. With a strong focus on promoting sustainable and ethical food practices, Umiami has successfully raised an impressive €58.3 million.

Jimmy's logoJimmy: Founded in 2020, Jimmy is an innovative startup that provides carbon-free industrial heat solutions to industrialists. They achieve this by designing and marketing turnkey thermal generators that are seamlessly integrated into the heating circuits of factories. What sets Jimmy apart is their use of a nuclear micro-reactor to generate heat without emitting carbon. This innovative approach to industrial heat generation has the potential to make a substantial impact on reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. With a total funding amount of €15 million, Jimmy is committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions.

satnding ovation's logoStanding Ovation: Headquartered in Paris, Standing Ovation combines the wonders of science with traditional cheese-making to produce real cheese without cows. Using fermentation to manufacture their own caseins, the company offers delicious, animal-free, and lactose-free dairy cheese that is as close to the real thing as possible. With a mission to create a planet-friendly, vegan cheese that is still as satisfying as dairy cheese, Standing Ovation was founded in 2021 and has raised €12 million. The mission-driven company set out to promote sustainable and ethical food practices while offering delicious, high-quality products to their customers.

carbon works logoCarbonWorks: The Libourne-based startup CarbonWorks has developed an industrial platform that utilizes microalgal photosynthesis to capture CO2 and recover it into natural raw materials on a large scale. This breakthrough innovation is the result of five years of research and development. CarbonWorks has benefited from the cutting-edge expertise of Suez and Fermentalg, two leading companies in the field. Founded in 2021, the fast-growing company has already raised €11 million for its promising technology.

Mila's logoMila: The Puteaux-based real estate insurance company Mila specializes in providing insurance products to real estate professionals. These products include unpaid rent and non-occupant owner insurance, which are tailored to meet the needs of real estate agencies, property managers, and trustees. Founded in 2020 with a clear mission to become the preferred insurance provider for real estate experts, Mila has already raised €10 million to support its growth.

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Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli
Francesca Romana Piccioli is EU-Startups’ Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part of our Startup Sourcing activities, Francesca is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the most promising startups. With a background in food technology and food innovation Francesca is a curious startup enthusiast, passionate about traveling and getting to know new ideas and products. If you’re interested in our startup sourcing service, reach out to [email protected].

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