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10 promising early-stage startups based in Zurich to watch in 2023

For quite some time, Zurich has been more than just a hub for delicious fancy chocolate and a thriving financial sector. The city has also cultivated a vibrant startup ecosystem that has steadily claimed a spot in our annual list of Europe’s most significant startup hubs.

For investors and technophiles alike, keeping an eye on emerging startups can offer unparalleled insights into what the world will look like in the coming years. But among the noise of hundreds of fledgling companies, which ones truly stand out? In a city renowned for its financial stability, advanced technological infrastructure, and high quality of life, the bar is set exceptionally high.

In this article, we will introduce you to 10 promising early-stage startups, founded between 2020 and 2023, that are based in Zurich and are exceeding even the loftiest of expectations. These ventures have not only secured significant funding but are also providing pioneering solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

LatticeFlowLatticeFlow: Founded in 2020, LatticeFlow specializes in AI model performance and safety solutions. They offer a platform designed to help data analysts, machine learning engineers, and business leaders build, deploy, and maintain AI models that are easy to understand, trustworthy, and reliable. LatticeFlow has been able to secure  €13,5 million with the mission to bring transparency and trustworthiness to the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence. 

YASAIYASAI AG: Founded in 2020, YASAI specializes in building and managing Vertical Farms grounded in the principles of a circular economy. Their mission is to revolutionize food systems by enabling local food production that is independent of climate conditions. With over €4 million in funding YASAI boasts higher yields per square meter without the use of pesticides and offers year-round farming capabilities.

evulpoEvulpo: Founded in 2020, Evulpo is a free learning website aiming to revolutionize education by offering a comprehensive learning platform featuring instructional videos, summaries, and practice units. The platform addresses educational needs from primary school through high school and beyond. With over €9.5 million in funding, wants to redefine educational paradigms for a wide range of learners, making the world a smarter place. 

CertifactionCertifaction: In an era of increasing privacy concerns, Certifaction offers a next-generation eSigning solution that prioritizes secure and confidential file handling. Founded in 2020, the company has raised over €6 million. It employs end-to-end encryption and local processing, giving users ultimate control over their data and documents. This allows users to sign or certify their files with an assurance of protected confidentiality. 

EthonAIEthonAI: Stepping onto the stage in 2021, EthonAI is aiming to revolutionise the manufacturing industry with its AI-driven platform, backed by over €7.9 million in funding. The platform is designed to streamline factory operations, by providing engineers and operators with the tools they need to perform quality inspections and conduct root cause analyses, all without writing a single line of code. By offering accessible software solutions, EthonAI empowers manufacturers to efficiently monitor, detect, and prevent quality losses on a large scale.

OxyleOxyle: Since its founding in 2020, Oxyle has offered an innovative wastewater treatment that completely eliminates the most persistent and toxic micropollutants from bodies of water. Through their patented nanocatalyst, they are able to degrade hazardous pollutants, leaving behind water that is clean and safe to discharge. Armed with over €6 million in funding, making inroads into addressing one of today’s most pressing environmental issues.

CradleCradle: Established in 2021, Cradle employs robust algorithms and AI-driven design recommendations to assist biologists in rapidly creating better proteins by predicting a protein’s 3D structure, generating new sequences with improved thermostability, optimising codon, and more features. With a funding pot of €5.5 million, Cradle ensures its continuity to lead in this intersection of biology and artificial intelligence.

kooky.Kooky: Founded in January 2021, Kooky is a digital system that makes using and returning reusable cups easy. Users can order a drink with an extra fee for their Kooky cup, scan the cup’s QR code, and return the cup to any Kooky box around the city to get their deposit back in their app wallet. Kooky then cleans the returned cups and redistributes them again to restart the process. With  €6 million in funding Kooky aims to drastically reduce waste. 

Nanoflex-RoboticsNanoflex Robotics: Born in 2021, Nanoflex Robotics is propelling the field of medicine into the future with its innovative soft robotic systems. The Zurich-based startup has developed a robotic system that can precisely insert specially designed guidewires and catheters deep into the brain. Boasting over €18 million in funding, Nanoflex Robotics not only provides patented magnetic navigation technology but also supplies the necessary surgical devices, all with the aim of revolutionizing surgical technology and outcomes.

ellexxelleXX universe AG: Founded in 2021 with the goal of closing the financial gender gap, elleXX universe AG is a female-led fintech firm backed by over €1.4 million in funding. The company offers a wide range of financial education resources specifically designed for women, covering topics from pocket money to pensions. In addition to educational resources, the fintech firm provides coaching, money hacks courses, checklists, and financial products. It also publishes daily articles focusing on equality.

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