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Swiss startup Calopad raises €4.2 million to rethink reusable pain therapy in Europe

Sempach-based Calopad, a startup revolutionizing the pain therapy industry with an intelligent reusable heat patch, has raised €4.2 million in capital from late-seed investors and the technology fund of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The technology fund guarantees loans to companies whose products make a sustainable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. 

With the fresh capital, Calopad is pushing ahead with the launch in Germany planned for this autumn. The heat patch has already been patented in over 40 countries or is on the way to it. With Germany, it will now be available in a foreign market for the first time, other EU countries will follow. The company will also use the funds to develop a smart cooling patch. Then patients could also treat inflammation-related pain in the future – with one and the same device. The next investment round, Series A, is also already being planned.

“The support of the technology fund is an enormous vote of confidence for us and shows that our innovation is well received in the market,” said Michael Breiter, co-founder and CEO of Calopad. “We are also proud that we have already been able to help thousands of customers with our unique therapy model to relieve pain or tension and thus improve their quality of life.”

“Calopad launched a heat patch of the same name in 2021, which is not only smart, but also ecologically sustainable. In contrast to conventional disposable heat plasters, Calopad is not only free of chemicals and drugs, but can also be reused. In this way, a total of 214 grams of CO2 can be saved per application,” commented Simone Riedel Riley, Head of the Technology Fund Office. 

Founded in 2018, Calopad is also the only heat patch that keeps you warm at a constant 42 degrees Celsius for hours. This means it has the optimal temperature for muscle regeneration or the treatment of pain. 

“Chemical patches, on the other hand, reach a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius and only in phases. As a result, they do not generate any medical benefit,” added Patrick Degelo, co-founder and CTO responsible for product development. 

However, the heat patch is only part of Calopad’s holistic approach: the company relies on a combination of passive and active therapy to effectively treat pain. In addition to the heat patch, the Calopad ecosystem also includes an AI-based physiotherapy app. This gives customers access to individually tailored therapy plans and health knowledge. It also enables direct exchange with experienced pain experts and like-minded people.

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Stefano De Marzo
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