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Amsterdam-based Mobilo secures €3.7 million to turn casual encounters into lead-generation opportunities

Mobilo, the maker of one of the first smart business card for teams and the digital enterprise, has raised €3.7 million in seed funding from DeepWork Capital, TMT Investments, and a group of forward-thinking Dutch angel investors. The investments gathered from the seed funding will be put towards Mobilo’s mission of upgrading and making networking easier for contact details exchange while also integrating artificial intelligence to automate tasks and turn casual encounters into lead-generation opportunities.

While about 27 million paper-based business cards are printed daily, more than 80% of the cards are thrown away each year. For Mobilo, headquartered between New York and Amsterdam, “enough is enough” and they are aiming to reset the endless cycle of printing and discarding by merging the timeless business card with the digital era. According to them, not only are trees breathing a sigh of relief, but businesses are also lowering emissions while saving capital spent on printing. 

Pieter Limburg, Mobilo’s founder and CEO, explained: “At Mobilo, we’re all about making life easier through technology, hence leveraging AI. We’re automating the mundane stuff like managing new contacts or scheduling follow-ups, so businesses can concentrate on networking effectively and boosting their brand.”

Compatible with all modern smartphones, the Mobilo smart business card only needs to be tapped on the phone once for the contact details to be immediately shared. Since Mobilo is embracing the future of business events, the smart business cards are not limited to in-person networking but are also accessible for virtual events.

Measuring the ROI of an event is tough, whether you are visiting, exhibiting, or organizing. Not only are traditional methods, which involve sales teams manually entering lead information into CRMs, difficult but they are also often inaccurate. This is one of the reasons why Mobilo wants to empower event organizers and attendees with AI-solutions that are accurate in storing lead information directly into the CRM – all with a quick tap. In the long run, this not only results in better data but also in more follow-ups and higher close rates.

With its technology ensuring that digital business cards are created and updated automatically, requiring no manual intervention, Mobilo was designed with large-sized businesses and enterprises in mind. The company’s technology can easily manage vast teams of over 10,000 members, including those of businesses such as AAA, Marriott, and Rexford Industrial, thanks to the seamless interaction with CRM systems and HR solutions.

As for security standards, Mobilo was one of the first smart business card company to become SOC 2 certified, and, in the meantime, it has developed its proprietary security layer to keep data safe. Founded in 2019, and fueled by the support of its seed funding and an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing networking, Mobilo is primed and ready to continue its journey to reshape the business networking landscape.

We love how Mobilo has streamlined our user experience with their integrated and secure digital business card solution. On top of that, it aligns with Rexford’s ESG efforts by eliminating paper cards altogether”, said Robert Rees, Rexford Industrial’s Director, Cybersecurity & Technology Operations.

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