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10 ChatGPT prompts to help you improve your startup’s marketing and communication efforts

In today’s dynamic business ecosystem, unlocking the full potential of your startup’s marketing and communication efforts is vital to secure a competitive edge. Fortunately, the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionised the landscape for entrepreneurs and marketers, offering exciting new possibilities and the ability to do so in just a few seconds. 

Let’s take ChatGPT as an example an advanced language model powered by OpenAI. With its remarkable ability to generate insightful and creative responses, it becomes an invaluable resource. By simply providing a few instructions, this AI-powered tool offers unparalleled access to exceptional marketing materials. While it’s true that refining the responses may be necessary in most cases, there is no doubt that ChatGPT saves a significant amount of time. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, seeking content ideation, requiring copywriting support, or optimising your SEO efforts, ChatGPT is at your service.

AI’s ability to win trust and present persuasive arguments remains evident, helping users in establishing stronger connections with their target audiences, elevating their brand’s presence, and, in certain instances, achieving greater success

A recent experiment conducted by Clarify Capital involved 250 investors and 250 business owners. They made these group of people rate and compare a series of pitch decks generated by ChatGPT against real-world pitch decks created by individuals who had already secured funding. The findings revealed that ChatGPT-generated pitch decks were twice as convincing as those created by humans. What’s more impressive is that this focus group was completely unaware that some of the pitch decks were generated by AI.

After reviewing the pitch decks, investors and business owners were three times more likely to consider investing in the projects presented in ChatGPT-generated pitch decks, compared to those created by individuals. In fact, one in five investors who reviewed ChatGPT pitch decks expressed a willingness to invest $10,000 or more.

This article will present you with some useful prompts to use in ChatGPT and enhance your startup’s marketing and communication efforts. Get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the read as we dive into these valuable suggestions.

1. Introduce yourself

Let’s begin by treating ChatGPT like a long-lost friend we haven’t seen in years. There’s no need for formalities or ice-breaking. Take a moment to introduce yourself, share information about your business, and outline your objectives. Remember the more information you provide, the better results you’ll get back. 

Hello ChatGPT, before you start writing, let me introduce myself. My name is [Add your name] I am the [Your role in the company] at [Name of the company] we are a company dedicated to [Add full description]. 

From here, there are infinite ways to go depending on your needs, if you are doing a repetitive task, provide an example of how you want the outcome to be, remember, the more specific you are, the less room for mistakes there will be. Here are some templates you can use:

2. Improve mission and vision statement

Despite its apparent simplicity, this particular task demands a substantial amount of time. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have but proves inconvenient, asking Chatgpt for assistance could save you a few hours and a few headaches. Since you’ve already made an introduction to the Ai, the next step is relatively straightforward.

  • Enhance an existing one: Our current mission/vision is [Current Mission or Vision]. Help me enhance it by adding these statements [add your list] to make it clearer, and more inspiring.
  • Starting from scratch: Help me build the mission/vision of my startup, focusing on the following list of statements [add your list]. 

3. Find out your buyer persona

Understanding the identity of your customers is paramount as it serves as the foundation for all business and marketing endeavors. Failing to comprehend your buyer persona or discovering it to be significantly different from your expectations can result in a substantial waste of time, money, and effort.

If you did the first step “Introduce yourself” simply type: Help me create a buyer persona. If you haven’t explained the Ai as much as you can about your startup. Name, product description, add every single detail even your startup’s philosophy can help create a better buyer persona.

ChatGpt will give you back a lot of information: Demographics, psychographics, shopping behaviours, pain points, and even personalised marketing messages.

4. Investor presentation script

Got to impress someone but can’t find the proper tone of voice? Stop worrying and waste more time on these tasks. You already know your product, how it functions, and what sets you apart from competitors. Describe all of that to Chatgpt in simple words, and make a note of everything that is on your mind, whether they are just thoughts or complete sentences, type them down and then proceed with the command below:

I am creating a presentation for potential investors for my startup, and our innovative product, [Product Name]. I need your assistance to develop a compelling narrative script for my pitch, this is what I want to say [add text].

You can get more specific by adding extra information: + I want the text to be [add length], Write it with a [add a specific tone of voice]. 

5. Crafting an elevator pitch

Help me craft an impactful pitch here are the details: Component 1: [Your product name and category] Component 2: [The problem you are attempting to solve] Component 3: [Your proposed solution] Component 4:[The key benefit of your solution].

6. Unique selling proposition

I am developing a product called [Product Name]. It is a [Product Description]. I need you to assist me in crafting a compelling and concise description that highlights its unique selling proposition.

7. Social media optimisation

If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration, AI can lend a helping hand. It can provide you with fresh ideas for your blog posts, keep you informed about the latest trends, tips, and tricks, and open up a world of endless possibilities.

  • I want to optimise my startup’s social media presence for increased engagement and follower growth. Please suggest effective strategies, platforms, and content ideas to achieve this for this product [Add product name and description].

8. Customer testimonials

I received an inspiring customer story about [Product Name]. Here are the details: [Customer Story]. Transform this into a captivating testimonial.

9. Email drip campaigns

I need your help creating an Email Drip Campaign. Our target audience is [target audience]. What we are pursuing is [Main objective of the campaign/ goal]. The tone of voice has to be [explain your company’s tone of voice and style]. The length of the text must be [paragraphs/ words/ lines]. I want to include this text [Add base of the text]. 

If you have created a campaign before you can add it as a template simply add: Use this previous email as a template [paste email].

You can get more specific by adding what length you want, specific keywords that must be on the text, include different calls to action.

Remember this will not be 100% ready yet, most probably something is going to be off, but you can keep instructing it by correcting the app like you would a child:

    • I said 3 paragraphs, and there are four in that email. Please correct this 
    • Please correct the tone of voice to a more [add instruction] one

Once you are happy with the result simply type “Give me 5 different options” or as many as you need.

10. Extracting information from an excel sheet

You can literally copy and paste an entire Excel sheet to extract all the information you want and turn it into text, extract information. Let’s take a look at this example: 

From this user report [Copy paste Excel sheet] make a personalised invitation with this text [add text] for every user based in Spain with more than 5 purchased items. Add the information in the following order: Name, Last name, Text, and Thank them for trusting the brand. 

Bonus prompts

  • Add emojis by simply saying: Add emojis to this text.
  • Double-check your orthography: Introduce the text and give the instruction.
  • Bulk actions, for example, currencies: Change all the amounts in the following text to euros, the conversion rate is [add the conversion rate].
  • Transform numeric data into a report by typing: Transform the following data [add data] into a creative text-based report.
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Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio López Escárzaga is the Head of Content at EU-Startups, with a background in Digital Marketing, Antonio drives his passion for effective communication and entrepreneurship. He firmly believes in communication’s transformative power and strives to harness it to foster growth and innovation.

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