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Brussels-based Enersee secured €1.2 million investment to revolutionise energy management in real estate

Enersee, a startup at the forefront of energy management software, announced the successful completion of a €1.2 million funding round led by Peak. This investment will empower Enersee to bolster its team, particularly the expansion of its product features and capabilities as well as its customer base. 

Enersee uses AI to give energy and portfolio managers transparency and deep insights into their energy and utility consumptions, on a sensor level up to full patrimony view. This allows its customers to generate substantial energy cost savings and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Founded by technical domain experts Maarten Van de Vijver and Joachim Vleminckx, Enersee benefits from their extensive experience in energy consulting, data engineering, and data analytics. 

Enersee co-founder Joachim Vleminckx says: “The challenges in energy, climate targets, and ESG in buildings are so immense that current methods will not cut it. That’s why we developed our Virtual Energy Manager, to apply expert-level insights to millions of buildings, real-time.”

Philippe von Klitzing, Investment Manager at Peak, says: “The team’s approach to revolutionising energy management for real estate and facilities is extraordinary, perfectly timed to address global decarbonization and energy cost reduction. With their strong background within the energy management space, Maarten and Joachim have secured customers with a portfolio of 1510 buildings. Theirremarkable drive to sincerely impact this somewhat traditional market convinced us to invest in their company.” 

The €1.2 million investment from Peak will enable Enersee to expand its service offering with new features and enhance the user experience. Additionally, the funding will drive the company’s growth beyond its current borders, allowing Enersee to broaden its European customer base. 

Enersee, previously known as Eneos, was founded in September 2021 and has developed an AI-based, virtual energy manager designed to monitor energy performance and consumption more effectively, increase energy efficiency and minimize carbon footprint. It caters to large real estate portfolios, offices and industrial buildings, as well as specific purpose buildings such as hospitals. 

Leveraging advanced AI, Enersee empowers energy managers to monitor energy performance and consumption more effectively. By utilizing energy measurement and verification, accurate consumption forecasting, and real-time anomaly detection, Enersee enables substantial reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions. 

As regulatory and stakeholder pressures to enhance energy efficiency intensify across Europe, Enersee is poised to address this critical need. Energy costs are more than ever volatile and buildings account for a significant proportion of carbon emissions, reaching up to 40% of global CO2 emissions. With its focused approach, Enersee optimizes the energy consumption at buildings and facilities, allowing customers to achieve an ROI of up to 63x in just a few months. 

Stefano De Marzo
Stefano De Marzo
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