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Sessions launches pioneering next-gen video conferencing platform (Sponsored)

Sessions, the startup shaking up how you host and manage online meetings and webinars, has made an exciting new announcement. It has launched a brand new next-generation videoconferencing platform – and it’s sure to impress. 

In the modern world, meetings and conferences tend to have an online component – either going completely virtual or at the very least, hybrid. As a result, innovative tech is being developed to make these online meetings seamless and impactful – so customers and teams can stay connected, relationships boosted, and revenues supercharged. Sessions, offering an impressive platform for online meetings and webinars has now launched its new tool – and you’re going to want to try it.

Designed specifically for tech-savvy teams, Sessions helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams attract, and retain customers through effective video interactions. With everything you need in one place – from automated scheduling and advanced video conferencing to embedded files and connected apps.

“At Sessions, we know that hybrid professionals want more than just basic videoconferencing,” said Radu Negulescu, Founder & CEO of Sessions. “That’s why we’ve created a platform that offers a complete solution for conducting successful meetings and webinars. With advanced features and integrated tools, Sessions provides everything you need to make a lasting impression and drive business results through video collaboration.”

Founded by Radu Negulescu and Radu Ţintescu, Sessions is the first platform of its kind, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges of current video conferencing options. By providing a single platform that integrates scheduling, content management, collaboration, and more, Sessions allows users to focus on delivering impressive, impactful meetings and webinars that drive engagement and retain customers.

Backed by Earlybird, Stride.VC, and LaunchHub, Sessions worked with more than 2,500 companies during its beta phase.

We’re thrilled to launch Sessions and provide a solution that simplifies and enhances video collaboration efforts,” added Radu Negulescu. “Our mission is to become the go-to platform for customer-facing interactions, helping teams to impress, engage, and retain their customers through video collaboration.”

Learn more about the platform and give it a try here.

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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