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Polish startup Talkie.ai raises €2.5 million for its medtech solution boosting customer experience

Picking up a capital injection of about €2.5 million, medtech startup Talkie.ai is developing AI solutions for customer service automation. Already operating in Europe and the US, the Polish startup is now ready to expand further.

Working in the healthcare sector brings many challenges – customer service needn’t be one of them. Aiming to make fully automated customer service solutions that streamline and simplify telephone hotlines, Polish startup Talkie.ai has developed an AI-based platform and is ramping up development and expansion.

New Funding

Today, Talkie.ai has announced a new raise of about €2.5 million from a Polish-Austrian consortium of VC funds. It includes 4growth VC, NIF ASI, Satus Starter, FundingBox, Gateway Ventures and Movens VC. 

Shareholders include the LT Capital fund, which invested in the company at an earlier stage of its development. 

Talkie.ai – Automating customer service solutions

Talkie.ai is developing in a niche but important sector, developing fully automated customer service solutions for organisations where the leading channel of contact is a telephone hotline –  more specifically in the healthcare sector. 

The healthcare sector faces many challenges, and providing quality customer services is an additional burden they have to face. From the growing and seasonally varying volume of calls from patients, the need for 24/7 availability of medical registration, to the necessity to offer multilingual telephone-based patient support, the challenges faced would all benefit from a touch of automation and digitalisation. 

Founded in 2018, Talkie.ai wants to provide that. 

Ada Andruszkiewicz, Head of Operations at Talkie.ai said: “With our bots, you just want to talk. This is important because our solutions typically handle about 80 percent of customer inquiries, reducing call center operating costs by up to half. This is also one of the reasons for the interest in the healthcare industry. In wealthy yet aging Western societies, there is a growing demand for efficient remote handling of patient inquiries. At the same time there is strong pressure to reduce costs through automation.”

The Polish startup additionally offers automation services for optimizing other common hospital and clinic processes, such as allowing callers to make and manage appointments as a self-service, order prescriptions, and provide information on pricing and availability of services, or basic medical triage. It can also integrate with patient appointment management systems, as well as with a number of the largest providers of call centre systems on the market.

Krzysztof Bachta, managing partner of the 4growth VC fund, commented: “The solutions offered by Talkie.ai respond to current economic trends: rising labor costs and automation of business processes. This translates into a growing demand for conversational bots using artificial intelligence. We were convinced to invest by the competence of the founding team and the finished product. The Talkie.ai solution surprises us with its simplicity of use, speed of implementation, as well as quality – much higher compared to solutions I have had the opportunity to observe in many companies.”

Tailored Product 

Talkie.ai has centred its solution around the healthcare space – offering a valuable and helpful solution to an overburdened workforce. It’s also meant that the team has been able to create voicebots that have over 90% accuracy in understanding caller intent after just the first 10 data samples. Using voice cloning tech makes the voicebots sound more natural, further enhancing the client experience. 

The solution also stands out for having short implementation times – ranging from as little as one day for simple business processes to just under several weeks for more complex implementations. Configuration and operation of the voicebots are done from an administration panel that gives the user full autonomy and control over their operation.

Further, choosing one of Talkie.ai’s standard, industry-specific solutions means that implementation doesn’t require a single line of code to be written. There is also the ability to fully customize the product to the specific needs of an organisation – making the product unique. 

Krzysztof Szubert, CEO of NCBR Investment Fund, commented: “New technologies, Artificial Intelligence – based, are an opportunity and a developmental necessity for the health care system. Civilizational health challenges require the introduction of new digital solutions, optimization of operations and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. The Polish startup Talkie.ai is responding to such demands, boldly entering the next stage of growth and thinking about further expansion into the US market. NIF is making an investment in the company together with its partners, recognizing its huge market potential.”

What’s Next

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new market, and it’s growing fast – estimated to be worth around €16 billion by 2024. The healthcare sector is buying into virtual assistants big time, finding it the most efficient way to optimise interactions with clients. Talkie.ai reports that by 2027, the market for virtual assistants in healthcare will be worth over €2.6 billion. 

Talkie.ai is already operating in the US, UK and Poland. This new capital injection will be sued to further specialize and tailor the tech and to supercharge expansion in the US.  Supporting healthcare industries with specialized off-the-shelf solutions is driving Talkie’s next phase of operations. 

Pawel Lipinski, CEO and Co-Founder: “We intend to use the financing we raised to further develop our healthcare offering and expand overseas, primarily in the US, from where we already derive more than a third of our revenue. Given the scale of the healthcare market in the US, we see the greatest growth potential there. We also anticipate further expansion of our team, as well as the introduction of off-the-shelf offerings for other industries, tailored to their specific needs.”

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