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Berlin-based startup Lumiform lights up with €6.4 million funding boost to enhance the deskless workforce

SaaS startup Lumiform is helping businesses navigate deskless working – empowering teams to operate seamlessly. The Berlin-based startup has just picked up €6.4 million to boost its global reach.

Reportedly accounting for 80% of the total global workforce, the deskless workforce is growing rapidly. Traditionally, deskless workers have been those working in sectors like education, health, hospitality, transportation and so on – those who are on ‘the front lines’ of society, creating, selling and delivering the products, services and activities we enjoy. The deskless workforce is a massive cohort and it’s not one that’s easy to manage. 

Berlin-based Lumiform has developed a mobile and desktop app that aims to make it simpler. It digitizes and automates the workflows of deskless teams across all kids of sectors and industries right around the world. 


The startup has announced the close of its Series A funding at €6.4 million. Capnamic led the round, joining 42CAP which led the Seed round, EquityPitcher Ventures, Westtech Ventures, and Exxeta AG along with well-known Business Angels such as Christoph Gerber, Kai Hansen – founders of Lieferando, Christian Henschel, Paul Müller – founders of Adjust, Christophe Folschette, Thibaut Britz – founders of Talkwalker, and Stefan Tietze – founder of gebraucht.de

The Platform

Founded in 2019 by brothers Philip Roelen-Blasberg and Lukas Roelen-Blasberg, Lumiform is the easy-to-use SaaS solution helping organizations digitalize and automate the workflows of their deskless workforce. It means that teams of all sizes, working in all sorts of locations, can work efficiently together and spend less time on antiquated and burdensome paper-based processes. 

The deskless workforce tends to occupy roles that are the driving force of society – delivering goods, treating us when we are sick, and catering to our needs and wants. It, therefore, needs operations to run at a high standard, to be efficient in order to keep society ticking forward. 

With Lumiform, workflows are digitised and automated – making everything smoother and simpler. This includes vital processes such as occupational safety checks on construction sites, hygiene documentation in restaurants, or vehicle inspections in logistics companies. 

Lukas Blasberg, co-founder and co-CEO, explained: “Most software is developed thinking about the desktop worker, even though 80% of all employees worldwide are deskless workers, who still need to heavily rely on pen and paper due to the lack of specific technology or application that suits their needs. These analog processes are time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in high costs as well as quality losses, operational mistakes, etc. With Lumiform, we are making it easy for deskless teams to switch to a digital solution that gives them real-time insights from the field to make efficient data-driven decisions.”

Flexible Solutions

Users can create custom forms with a flexible form builder or kickstart digitization efforts by using over 12,000 ready-made templates that are provided for free. Teams can then fill out the digital forms – online or offline – via the mobile app or desktop (whatever is most convenient at a given time). If a problem is found, corrective actions are automatically or manually assigned to the responsible person. Teams can then monitor and collaborate on troubleshooting issues and solve them 4 times faster.

After submitting forms, Lumiform automatically creates professional and customizable reports, which can be shared immediately with all stakeholders. Real-time data from the field and in-depth analysis help managers act quickly and focus on areas that need improvement. What makes Lumiform stand out is its automation capabilities. Companies can pre-define “if – then” logic, automate corrective action workflows and reporting as well as set up advanced notification reminders to just name a few of the features available.

Olaf Jacobi, Managing Partner at Capnamic said: “The largest contributor and backbone of the world economy is the deskless worker, yet to date, this group has remained largely untouched by the recent waves of digitalization. Lumiform provides an easy-to-use, yet a smart solution, that can be adopted in various industries and at companies of all sizes, digitalizing mundane data capturing tasks like inspections and audits, making them trackable whilst providing a simple task distribution and management system. In the future, we see Lumiform increasing its value proposition and product layer toward an operating system to become a major driver of innovation and digitalization.”

The Plans 

Already over 30k organisations across 188 different countries have submitted over 1.5 million forms by trusting Lumiform to help their business. This new capital injection will be used towards boosting product development and expanding the startup’s global marketing efforts. 

​​Philip Blasberg, co-founder and co-CEO, added: “We are proud to have achieved big milestones in the past 18 months. None of this would have been possible without our 32 highly talented and motivated team members. We are incredibly happy to receive the trust of our existing investors and are proud to have Capnamic on board as a lead investor, an undisputed expert in B2B SaaS startups. Together we are working on our mission to become the world’s leading deskless worker OS.”

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