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UK-based Kaizan raises €1.1 million to advance AI for client success teams

Client teams have an incredibly important job across industries. They need to manage and scale clients to ensure business longevity and success. But, it’s not always easy to do so, and client teams have been coming under increased strain and pressure. 

Developing the ‘Siri for client success teams’, UK-based Kaizan has just scooped up pre-seed funding of about €1.1 million for its client intelligence platform based on AI. The oversubscribed funding was led by early-stage VC Jigsaw with participation from angels from Entrepreneur First, Charlotte St Capital, Founders Factory, Silicon Roundabout Ventures, NICE, Ledger, IPONWEB, MIQ and Gtmhub.

Founded in 2021, Kaizan is on a mission to amplify the abilities of client teams. The platform enables users to see the information they need to proactively manage and scale clients and guides them on how to improve the health of their client relationships. Unlike traditional software (such as CRMs, project management tools and the classic spreadsheet), Kaizan is a proactive tool. It intelligently assists managers to nurture relationships and actively improves them. 

Customer support is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet solutions specific to client teams are still in their infancy. Kaizan wants to change this up by applying the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to the digital communication client managers use every day with their enterprise clients. By automating workflows and providing guidance on how to scale each client, Kaizan enhances relationship management and accelerates revenue retention and growth.

AI solutions to client relationships have been in demand for a while now – and are especially needed in the wider context of client relations now generally being managed remotely. With the likes of Kaizan, teams can automate workflows and have greater insight into how to look after each individual client – creating better outcomes for all involved in the process.

As such, the UK-based startup has developed a solution that coincides with a growing global demand for digital solutions for client retention and growth. Gartner predicts over 80% of client interactions will occur in digital channels. 

Glen Calvert, co-founder and CEO of Kaizan said: “As client management moves into a digital-first era, we’re building a world-class team of engineers, product designers and NLP experts to tackle this huge opportunity; building an AI to guide client teams on how to maximise client happiness and revenue. The time has come to accelerate product and revenue milestones by building out a great team and value add investors”.

Pravin Paratey, Kaizan co-founder and CTO added: “The NLP space is going through tremendous innovation and we are seeing unprecedented breakthroughs in capability. Since Open AI’s GPT-3 made the headlines a couple of years ago, the state-of-the-art models have grown in size and complexity. The ability to apply proprietary fine-tuned models to the growing volume of digital communication has created a unique opportunity in language interfaces and AI that can read, write, share and offer teams cues to proactively upsell and cross-sell.”

Kaizan is currently part of Founders Factory’s AI programme, where it aims to further the platform’s development alongside Founders Factory’s portfolio and corporate partners.

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