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London-based startup BKwai raises €2.6 million to help engineers to build data-driven infrastructure and constructions

BKwai, a London-based construction data startup that helps engineers develop smarter, more sustainable built infrastructure, today announced it received €2.6 million in Seed funding. The round was led by Octopus Ventures, one of Europe’s largest and most active early-stage investors, with participation from Deeptech Labs and Cambridge Enterprise (the investment arm of the University of Cambridge). 

Founded in 2019, BKwai is already deployed on construction sites by some of the biggest names in UK construction and on existing major infrastructure assets. The BKwai software platform combines data from multiple sources (on-site sensors, environmental data, and remote satellite data) giving a whole view of the asset, as well as its surrounding environment. The company deploys advanced data techniques to help engineers sift through huge volumes of data to find patterns, predict what is going to happen, and identify early warning signs. The platform puts this insight into the site engineer’s hands quickly and in real-time, enabling construction companies and asset owners to make more timely, and more cost-effective.

Sakthy Selvakumaran, Founder at BKwai comments: “It is a really exciting time at BKwai. We are seeing increased demand and as such are expanding our offering to meet the industry’s needs. The proliferation of new sensors and satellite technology has the potential to fuel a revolution in the way the built environment can be monitored. Data can be used to make smarter, safer, more economical decisions across all aspects of the process – from planning to construction to operation and maintenance. 

However, in an industry rooted in spreadsheets and manual interventions, it becomes impossible to sift through such volumes and find key insights and values. One sensor or source of information does not fix all problems – the industry is crying out for better tools to help understand the complex challenges facing our built environment. That’s where we step in – we can give them the much-needed data-driven engineering insights, to find the right solutions and take action.”

Sakthy Selvakumaran has over a decade of international experience in design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure assets, and she combines this with a Ph.D. and academic research in satellite monitoring and data analysis methods in the University of Cambridge Engineering Department. The company is also supported by Geovation, part of Ordnance Survey, UK.

Akriti Dokania, Investor at Octopus Ventures adds said: “Construction is one of the world economy’s largest sectors, worth £7 trillion. McKinsey estimates that if the productivity levels were to catch up with the progress made by other sectors over the past 20 years or with the total economy, it could increase the industry’s value-added by £1.2 trillion a year. We’re delighted to be backing such a formidable founder who is taking on a giant industry and we’re excited by BKwai because it is giving the industry the tools it needs to meet its potential. Not only is it helping companies optimize their builds and assets, but it is also moving the industry to more green, sustainable practices that have long-term impact.” 

Nicolas Ivanovic
Nicolas Ivanovic
is EU-Startups’ new Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part our Startup Sourcing activities, Nicolas is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the best startups to invest in. Nicolas is a world citizen, having lived in 9 countries across 3 continents. After graduating from Harbour.Space University he chose Barcelona as his home base.

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